Responding to the Call


In my PYC uniform…

Background: I was really planning to write about my PYC experience in Iloilo which started last May 31, 2017. Due to circumstances that made me busy, I was not able to do so. But praise God, He really provides opportunities for me to do so and even more as there is also something I’m going to share, as a result of the PYC experience.

The PYC or Philippine Youth for Christ is an annual event attended by  Seventh-Day Adventist youth across the Philippines and even from countries nearby. It was my first time to attend and you can imagine my excitement.




Pastor Taj Pacleb: One of my favorite speakers….

During a span of days, my sister and I got to listen to very inspirational messages from the wonderful set of speakers, through plenary meetings or breakout sessions. The topics were indeed essential as they were about the very issues we, the youth, face. Though the schedule was tight for me, I still got to embrace the blessing the Word of God brought. Besides this,¬† the fellowship of brothers and sisters in the faith was strengthened through activities like group dynamics (I was a group facilitator BTW and I thank God for the task He gave me!) and mission outreach which I really enjoyed. (Oh how I intensely desire to share the full details of my whole experience to you, dear reader! But just so you know, my group belonged to the ‘Palit-Yosi’ ministry which was tasked to make exchanges of cigarettes with the fruits and biscuits we brought. We then had an additional work- the Jeep ministry which got us riding jeepneys where we sang, prayed for and gave tracts to the passengers. I just could not overemphasize how big of an impact we made in the city, all by the grace of God!) There was no doubt that with an atmosphere of heartfelt prayer and heavenly wisdom, almost everyone I believe was on a spiritual high. But it didn’t end there, it shouldn’t after all. It was clear that because The Appearing (which was the title of this year’s event, before I forget) is so near, that we as the Lord’s children and watchmen should do our part in the furtherance of the gospel, in preparing the world for the return of the “crucified, risen and soon-coming Savior!”


Our smiles after serving the Lord…


With my fellow medical students on the last night… #BeyondBlessed

Therefore, after the successful and historical PYC which blessed me beyond words, I found myself asking this question: “What do you want me to do now, Lord?” I have been serving the Lord somehow with my talents like writing through this blog and smiling while giving Bible tracts (yes, smiling is a talent! Haha). I was fueled up to do much more in God’s vineyard and I still am. And God, in His goodness, gave me the answer! It was revealed to me that with the means and skills He blessed me with, I could serve the Lord in YouTube! Since 2012, I have been making medical parody videos with the purpose of helping my batch mates back then in remembering stuff for exams. My talent in composing such was developed and a couple of my videos received heartwarming feedback from people around the globe. If I was able to inspire people this way, how much more using the Word of God? How much more with the wonderful words of life which could help anyone grow spiritually and be prepared for such perilous times our world is now in? Because after all, ¬†our relationship with God is what truly matters most in the end. Not the number of followers or subscribers one has. ¬†But how could it grow if we don’t share our faith?

Hence, ¬†with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I was able to do an introductory video plus my first one for this endeavor which God has called me to! It is with utmost humility and sincere earnestness that I ask you, dear reader, to please check out these two videos by clicking the links below. And if you feel blessed or inspired after watching them, your subscription would mean the world to me! Thank you…

Another Ministry Begins (Post PYC Revealing)

Independence Day: Freedom in Christ

P.S. Forgive me for videos are not that HQ! If you check out my other channel (the one with the med parodies), you can see how Jurassic my first videos were! (Laughs) But what matters is that you get the message, my friend!


A Special Day Made More Special

Thank God, I enjoyed the last Sabbath of August (August 30, 2014). Well, the Sabbath Day is already special. God has set it aside, blessed it and sanctified it. But for this one, there were enough reasons why it became more special. Let me share with you, dear reader, these experiences.

It was Visitors’ Day and as expected, the church was packed. But it was a different kind of ‘packed’ because we had two extra special guests, sister Sandra Seifert (former Ms. Earth- Philippines 2009 and Ms. Earth-Air 2009) and brother Cesar Montano (a renowned actor). Their visit was made possible through the tireless efforts and honest compromises of many people. And by God’s grace, it really pushed through despite the short notice and the many challenges in the background.

Well, going back to that moment in time, it was an unusual sight to have lots of people for Sabbath School. Indirectly speaking, I was somehow glad that many came and responded to the invitation of going to BAC. The visitors were late but anyway, what mattered was they arrived. It was Ms. Seifert who spoke first and she shared her conversion story: being born in an Adventist hospital at Taiwan, receiving Bible studies from my uncle when she was past 10 years old, her baptism, her backslide to the world and her genuine conversion. It was truly inspiring to listen to someone share her life in such a candid way, nothing hidden to make herself look good. It was a complete picture of how she lived in the world and later realized that what it offered her was nothing compared to what she found in Jesus. Cesar was the next to speak and what he actually shared wasn’t a testimony. It was more on jokes (trust me, his humor is great) and some important tidbits of faith which I believe impacted his life. Too bad, I wasn’t able to finish his whole talk because we had a practice for our song. Anyway, I believe the congregation was blessed by what they shared and hopefully, these would serve as inspiration for every member to be truly converted.¬†

Sandra sharing her testimony wholeheartedly

Sandra sharing her testimony wholeheartedly.

Cesar Montano catches the congregation's attention with his humor but he is serious with his relationship with Jesus

Cesar Montano catches the congregation’s attention with his humor but he is serious with his relationship with Jesus.

In the afternoon, the church was as full as it was in the morning. Dr. Killman Boutert gave a beneficial lecture on many things pertaining to health. After him, Cesar sang two beautiful hymns, ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’ and ‘In the Garden.’ He really has a good voice, you know. The last speaker was Sister Sandra who gave a vivid lecture on SDA Christian modesty. It was the best topic for many female members of our church. And she was the right person to do the job because she used to wear worldly fashion but now she dresses according to the standards of the church. Praise God, this is the epitome of a genuine conversion! I hope and pray now that her talk still touches the hearts of the women in our church and enable them to dress properly and modestly as this will serve as a witness to people around them.

Dr. Killman's name may be frightening but his profession is concerned with bringing relief and health to humanity.

Dr. Killman’s name may be frightening but his profession is concerned with bringing relief and health to humanity.

Heartfelt renditions of two beautiful hymns by Brother Cesar

Heartfelt renditions of two beautiful hymns by Brother Cesar.

Sister to sister talk: From former Miss Earth to modern-day Ellen G. White, Sandra inspires women to dress modestly.

Sister to sister talk: From former Miss Earth to modern-day Ellen G. White, Sandra inspires women to dress modestly.

Well, August 30 was a Sabbath to remember. Not only for me but for every member or visitor who witnessed the amazing power of God in the lives of former celebrities. In addition, ¬†I was able to serve God as well throughout the day by using a talent the Lord gave me: playing the piano. But I think it was totally the essence of love and fellowship, the atmosphere of togetherness that marked this Sabbath and has made it more special. Here’s me looking forward to have more special Sabbaths like this and most of all, to spend them in Paradise with God!

Mr. Accompaniment: Yours truly on the piano, serving God

Mr. Accompaniment: Yours truly on the piano, serving God.