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BACKGROUND: Last 2015, when my country’s candidate Pia Wurtzbach won as Miss Universe, I was one of the happiest people on earth. Knowing her story, how she persevered to reach her goals and dreams made her victory so sweet. But with such a controversial turn of the crown, as you may recall, her reign hasn’t been the smoothest with all the hate comments and negative vibes from certain people. But she handled them all with grace and poise, as any Miss Universe winner would.

My fellow Filipinos, always seeing the humor in any situation, coined the term ‘Colombiazoned’ referring to what happened that unforgettable night. It refers to how you end up expecting something so badly but in vain. And there was a craze of using that word in statuses or ‘hugot’ posts. After some time, I had the inspiration to compose something for a national songwriting competition the next year. And before I knew it, with hard work and creativity sustained by God’s help, Colombiazoned was born! (I never made it to the contest proper though but hey, at least I tried!)

I know some of you dear readers may not understand the context of this song. (Even the lyrics to my non-Filipino audience poses a challenge!) Or it may be just the quality  of my record. (Forgive me for I don’t have a recording studio. Can you give me one? *Laughs) But whether you can relate or not, I hope you get the meat of my composition and never end up being Colombiazoned or worse, ending up like Steve Harvey!

Hindi ko akalain

Na ikaw ang naging salarin

Ng paghulog ng aking puso

Pag-ibig nga ba to?

Iyong napatunayan

Ika’y higit pa sa kaibigan

Para ako lang yung nanalo

Ng Miss Universe na titulo

Ngunit ako’y pinagpalit

Yung feeling na ika’y pinaasa

Ang sakit

Ako’y pinagkait

Sa pag-ibig na maling akala

(Bakit ako naniwala?)


Steve Harvey ng buhay ko

Bakit mo na kayang gawin ito?

Randam ko na ako na talaga

Pero hindi pala, hindi pala

Kawawa naman ako

Ganito pala kapag Colombiazoned

Nasa akin na yung korona

Bakit hindi na lang ako ang Pia

Ng buhay mo


Mahirap makamove-on

Kapag hapdi’t kirot ang baon

Naging marupok ang puso

Sana hindi imaging bato

Pero babangon ako

Hinding hindi na ulit aasa

Totoo kahit papano

Walang makakatigil sa pagkanta

(Mga Colombiazoned, sama sama!)

Repeat Chorus


Mabuti pa ang weather may PAG-ASA

O ang pag-utang may Pag-ibig

Ang damit nga may Forever

Eh tayo? Paano ako?!

Repeat Chorus


P.S. If you feel like singing the song and know it by heart, then sing along!


Decembreak (December + Sembreak) Feels


Forgive the tiny photo but at least it shows how happy I am this Christmas break..

And finally after quite some time, I am back to blogging! It is quite clear to me now that I cannot successfully accommodate the demands of being a med student and a blogger! But I have high hopes that come 2017, I can squeeze in WordPress every now and then as a sort of study break. Well, I sort of just had a ‘lag’ on what to write next due to hunger and yes, I’m forcing myself to finish this post so that I could reward myself with a nice dinner. Anyway, let me share with you briefly what I plan to do this Christmas vacation which also serves as our sem break. (Sorry if I had to break down what the ‘play-with-words’ title was and not leave you to get it! Oh well, that’s me making sure you do! )

It was only last Wednesday, December 14, when our Christmas break began and since then I have been pretty busy juggling work and rest. Coming from the most tiring and challenging semester in med school so far, I was thirsty for a break. Imagine my endurance and patience during the last days of exams when studying seemed to be an obligation and no longer a delight. So yes, you could tell I really couldn’t wait for first sem to be over! And I guess it was the same case for my batch mates. Now that I’m here living out my vacation, I just feel so relieved. Looking back, I can’t help but say “Thank God I survived that one hell of a ride!”

With only three weeks and 4 days already done, I have so much to do in such a small amount of time. And from my history of making lots of goals but ending up not achieving them all, there is just this spark of determination I feel right now for this year’s Christmas vacation to be different. So here’s me hoping and praying I get to achieve the following:

  1.  PROJECT WEIGHT GAIN: Now’s the essential time to gain back the pounds I lost while studying and stressing myself out! It is timely for such ’cause not only it’s Christmas but I’m back home! Nothing beats delicious, home-cooked meals by Nanay (mom)!
  2. Play my violin more and once again . It’s such a shame that I left my Bachendorff to rust and dust. But it’s high time for my fingers to hit some strings and hold a bow. How I wish though that this pursuit of learning the instrument more would involve a violin teacher BUT for free. (Chuckles)
  3. Christmas shopping. Well, it’s the usual routine each year but hakuna matata, I don’t forget the true essence of the season. Actually, I’m the most conscientious among my siblings when it comes to buying stuff for presents and I don’t get myself too absorbed with all the gifts and all. (Jesus Christ is the greatest gift, what more could I or we ask for?!)
  4. Finish my albums. I’ve always ended up failing to finish my two music albums. Hopefully I get to finish them before classes start.(Fingers crossed)
  5. Get more sleep. Although I’m not the type that stays up late, like until 2 am, during school days, I still consider sleep a precious physiological need (more important than sex; there you go, I said it!). I know I get less of it when I’m already a clerk so I’d better enjoy it while I have the chance!
  6. Spend more time with family. Here’s to family worships, movie marathons, scrabble time, jogging, etc. and of course, our annual Christmas games!
  7. Take inventory, plan and renew myself. Spending alone time with God is always a  daily priority for me but it comes with a deeper importance when another new year is near to start. I find joy in recalling memories and events, both good and bad, that happened throughout the outgoing year. But there is deeper joy in laying out goals and ambitions for the future especially when borne out of a loving gratitude to and humble faith in God, the One Who sustains my life until this very moment. In line with that is an overwhelming desire to always become a better version of myself, in all aspects.

So far these are the most worth-sharing TTDs I have for Decembreak! How about you? What do you intend to do?  What can you do to make your experience during the holidays more meaningful and more special? Whatever it may be, it is my wish that you enjoy this year’s Christmas and never lose sight of Jesus, the One we celebrate!

Merry Christmas!

July 17-23: A Musical Week



NOTE: I wanted to start blogging about how my week went by and to share the different lessons or notable experiences I had if there were any. This will be written in a context of gratitude to God by which without His grace I know I could never accomplish anything or survive. But since I was busy yesterday (Sunday, July 24, Philippine time), I have to apologize for the delay! You see, I’m back as the official atsoy (helper) of our household. Haha, that’s another topic! Anyway, it’s better late than never as I fondly believe!

Well, to start things off, I came from a very tiring yet fulfilling week! The Thursday before, I found myself miles away from home again as I was back in the “City of Love”, Iloilo City. I was there for a chorale appointment which entailed me to practice and although I was already late, I was able to catch up with the rest of the group in learning new songs. Besides the daily grind on my vocal cords, I managed to have a general cleaning of my dorm room every day. I didn’t push myself to clean it in just one time because that was too tiresome. What really mattered was before I leave for home, my room would be decent as possible. I thanked God for helping me with these but there are 3 things that I’m certainly grateful for:

  1. Gracious sustenance: With only 2,000 pesos added to my pocket, I had to make sure that my spending was wise for groceries, payments, etc. And with limited money, I survived! That was because I had 4 free meals within the week! It really helped! Oh, God bless those kindhearted people!
  2. Miraculous healing: As evidenced above, my voice got sore from all the singing and late night sleeping! Sadly, I couldn’t sleep immediately on some nights. I was concerned because the day before our chorale gig, my voice was not in good shape! With appropriate regimens, I sought help by asking my friends to pray for me! And what do you know? On the night of our performance, I was able to sing my heart out as my singing voice came back! Faith and prayer really do wonders! And I thank God again for the healing power of ginger! 🙂
  3. Successful event: Dubbed as the ‘Mystical Moonlight Serenade’, the mini concert of Med Symphony (yep, that’s the name of our group!) proved to be a delight to the listening ears of the Philippine Psychiatric Association. From timeless classics to modern Tagalog compositions and to a fun, concluding Abba medley, I believe the doctors were more than entertained as we were more than overwhelmed with the financial gains we received.Wow! It was just a beautiful evening at a beautiful place (twas my first time in Casa Real, huh!) with beautiful people! #Beautiful na ini! But seriously, we did it on such a short time! And how can I forget to give credit to the Master Musician?
Med Symph

Photo taken by Fritz Hernz

So yes, that was how my Musical Week went. Musical not only because of #3! But also because, like music, I had my highs and lows but through it all, everything still played well at the end, beautifully! Thank You Lord! Here’s to more musical weeks!

You Raise Me Up


I’m going to sing the very popular song of Josh Groban, the title of which is the same as this entry this Wednesday. Not only once but twice. And in public… Somebody pinch me! I never thought that I’d get to sing this long loved ballad for real. I only sing it at the shower or in my room, you know. Being a fan of the named artist, I am quite excited to do this but I cannot escape the nervousness because it is such an emotional song, familiar to lots of people. I hope and pray that my performance on  the 27th would be a success! However, I am not dwelling on how I feel for my upcoming rendition. I would like to share, briefly, how this song, seems so timely during this challenging time in my life.

As of the moment, my uncle is in the ICU in such a critical condition and it makes me feel like it’s God sustaining Him all along with the medical apparatuses. Please pray for him; I’d greatly appreciate it. Adding to my concern is the fact that our pharmacological study is still under rocks and it never runs out of presenting us with new problems or difficulties. They said research was fun but so far, it has never been that way, somehow. With limited time and resources, I am trying to be positive that we can start promptly. But it looks like this won’t be the case for us. I am keeping my finger crossed! On top of all these, I am still dealing with some personal struggles that present a daily  burden upon me. It seems to me that the brunt of all these is upon my shoulders.

But God constantly reminds me, especially through ‘You Raise Me Up’, that I am strong when I lean on His shoulders; that He can raise me up as I deal with these present challenges and difficulties. And the weight feels like it is lifted off when you get to express your emotions. How much more when you have surrendered everything to Him?

I don’t think it was a coincidence that ‘You Raise Me Up’ ended up to be my song opportunely! This is undoubtedly a gracious provision of the good Lord!

Me and the Internship: My First Music Video Experience

Music is such a big part of my life and I really thank God right now that He gave me many skills pertaining to this art. I truly consider it a gift to be able to entertain people, inspire, uplift and motivate them through this media. You see, it is the language that everyone in this world can understand. It is a powerful force, moving people to do things whoever they are or wherever they come from. undoubtedly, it can be used for bad or good.

I wanted to use music for good. So I started making parodies when I was a 3rd year college student. I know music helps some people to remember stuff. It occurred to me that people can easily memorize songs/tunes so I decided to write parodies on the topics/subjects we were taking in Medical Technology.Being in a hard course, you need to be smart enough to study effectively and recall spontaneously. I’m glad that I was able to help some people in their exams and also the viewers who were not my batchmates,enjoyed the music. Their comments strengthened me to keep making music which is both fun and informative.

From This is Bacter, my first parody to Me and the Internship, my first music video, the journey continues as Mr. Parody!

GLASSHEART: An Album Review

Leona Lewis, being one of the most stunning singers in this generation, is one of my favorite female singers. For me, she is indeed the perfect epitome of an artist naturally blessed by God with an angelic voice and at the same time, knows how to use it with poise and grace like a ballerina. No wonder why she won the third series of the UK X-Factor in 2006. Too bad, however, she’s not that well-known compared to other mainstream artists who use auto tune and are not even comparable to her talent.

I first came to like Leona more with her second album, Echo which was released in November 2. I also got to know some of her songs from her debut album, Spirit such as Better in Time which is my favorite. As for her recent album (her third), Glassheart, I could say nothing more but praises for it is generally dynamic, emotional and engaging. It turns out to be my favorite album of hers in the present time. Unlike the former ones, I have to say that this one is better because there is variety- there are unexpectedly upbeat songs which is quite unusual from Leona yet she sticks to her style in some songs which never fail to capture the listener’s ear. With this balance, the average fan would be surprised yet the newness can be something they would love; the onlookers would have to become fans since the ear candy is irresistible. But in addition, Leona Lewis sounds brokenhearted throughout the course of the album rendering songs which appeal to a lot of people around the world experiencing the same emotions and feelings. With her “Glassheart”, she is shown as someone vulnerable: a character which anyone, whatever gender or age, can relate to. So dear reader, that you may be convinced even more to listen to Glassheart, here’s a specific review of the said album’s 12 songs:

  1. Trouble– The album starts with a dramatic entrance. In this song, Leona’s voice starts hush and as the song plays on, it transforms into its ever powerful prowess. The background music with the drums somehow contributes to the intensity of the song reflected in the song’s message and Leona’s effortless voice.
  2. Un Love Me– The second song is typically a ‘Leona Lewis’ song. But there’s something about it that is so catchy. I don’t know if it’s the melody or the lyrics especially where Leona pleads her lover, “I’m begging you to ‘unlove’ me” that really captivates me the most. This pop ballad deserves the HEART LOGO (meaning this is something to look forward to in this album).
  3. Lovebird– It’s just right that Leona released this song as her second record. With its simple yet memorable tune plus the catchy lyrics such as “Song so pretty, Dum Dum Diddy”, Leona sings out loud just like a beautiful nightingale . The music video for this masterpiece is as striking as the song itself. Indeed this song is meant to have a HEART LOGO!
  4. Come Alive– This song is something fresh from Leona. It reminds me of a Rihanna type of techno pop song made for the club/disco yet unique in its own right. But unlike Riri, her take on the song is emphatic and her voice is remarkably powerful. Another thing that  distinguishes her style from the Barbadian singer is the essence of the song being not provocative.
  5. Fireflies– This song is the cutest one in the album. With its cuddly piano backdrop, it almost sounds like a lullaby. Yet it builds up and turns into an empowering ballad with lyrics that you won’t forget.You could imagine a swarm of fireflies increasing from a few ones to thousands with this powerhouse track! A HEART LOGO for this song, please!!
  6. I to You– Leona’s glassheart seems to show differently beginning in this song. I can’t help but compare this to Adele’s ballads. With its somehow eerie sound, it emphasizes the dark lyrics: “What am I to you?…. Don’t kill me now…”
  7. Shake You Up– Old pop beat style and with excellent harmony, Leona shows more of her brokenness through this song. But there is a twist expressed in this song which leads to angst and bitterness. Indeed, bittersweet!
  8. Stop the Clocks– Leona expresses her desire to stop time and stay with her lover in this song of exquisite melody which can linger in your head. (A LSS is not bad for this song. Hehe…) This ballad comes with a HEART LOGO!
  9. Favorite Scar– Ironic would be the best adjective to describe this ballad. It has a cute style which is very addictive especially the “lalala…”. But it is about a very complicated relationship: indeed a pretty messed up one! This song can be a sure favorite of people who can relate to such a situation. A HEART LOGO for a favorite!
  10. When It Hurts– This song ‘Echoes’ the style of most of her songs in her sophomore album. Deeply pained, this song shows the deepest expression of Leoan’s glassheart. A ballad which is worth remembering has a HEART LOGO.
  11. Glassheart– Finally! The highlight of the album would be no other than the title track. With its bombastic nature, both in lyrics and in tune, this song surely exemplifies the theme of the album and putting it as the second-to-the-last song is not a bad move. This upbeat song must be released and it should put Leona back to the dance charts. The acoustic version is spectacular too.
  12. Fingerprint– Leona’s decent voice suits the beauty of this inspiring ballad. With very meaningful lyrics, she delivers the message right across impeccably. I just like that part with the octaves. Instead of a HEART LOGO, the title of this song would serve as the logo.

So there you go, guys! I hope you enjoyed reading my first ever album review. I encourage you to find Glassheart and have a great listening experience. I assure you, whatever your emotional status, you can relate to most songs since I firmly believe everyone has a ‘glassheart.’  And thank God, Leona speaks up for us through this album which I rate 5 STARS! I enjoyed the album and consider it a great musical treat.  I was uplifted and inspired by it. On this note, I end up with the lyrics of Fingerprint, “There could only be one…” Yes, there could only be one Leona Lewis!!



Being a songwriter, it’s a big challenge to write songs. Not all the time can you come up with the the lyrics or the tune quickly. There are times when you are not inspired at all to compose. But there are one of those times when the opposite happens and you come up with a beauty.

Here’s Jacket. To listen to it, lease do click the underlined word Jacket at the topmost part of this page. This is a song about genuine love to someone who means a lot to your life- it could be a family member, a friend and mostly your wife/girlfriend, etc. It speaks of you being his/her jacket during the storms of life… Thank God for helping me write a song with a beautiful melody and a message mostly anyone can relate to.

Here are the lyrics if you end up liking the song:

Every time it rains

I can always see you cold

And whenever the weather’s changed

You still try to hold on

To yourself though you are weak

And it seems that you have leaks

In the roof of your life

When the weather’s cool

And you don’t know what to do

You feel like a fool

You’re so confused too

But don’t worry

You won’t be sorry

‘Cause I’ll be there for you.


I’ll be your jacket when it rains

I’ll be there for you in times of pain

Don’t worry ’bout anything else

Let’s do this for ourselves

I’ll be there to keep you warm

Be your shelter in the storm

Baby just don’t forget

That I’ll be your jacket

Of ta storm is coming

Just hold on to me babe

‘Cause we know where we’re going

We can stand the rain

Don’t let go, just hold on

‘Cause I know we can stay long

We’ll stay strong


No matter the weather

We just have to carry on

‘Cause even though it’s hard

You and I will never part


I’ll be your jacket

I’ll be your jacket