Decembreak (December + Sembreak) Feels


Forgive the tiny photo but at least it shows how happy I am this Christmas break..

And finally after quite some time, I am back to blogging! It is quite clear to me now that I cannot successfully accommodate the demands of being a med student and a blogger! But I have high hopes that come 2017, I can squeeze in WordPress every now and then as a sort of study break. Well, I sort of just had a ‘lag’ on what to write next due to hunger and yes, I’m forcing myself to finish this post so that I could reward myself with a nice dinner. Anyway, let me share with you briefly what I plan to do this Christmas vacation which also serves as our sem break. (Sorry if I had to break down what the ‘play-with-words’ title was and not leave you to get it! Oh well, that’s me making sure you do! )

It was only last Wednesday, December 14, when our Christmas break began and since then I have been pretty busy juggling work and rest. Coming from the most tiring and challenging semester in med school so far, I was thirsty for a break. Imagine my endurance and patience during the last days of exams when studying seemed to be an obligation and no longer a delight. So yes, you could tell I really couldn’t wait for first sem to be over! And I guess it was the same case for my batch mates. Now that I’m here living out my vacation, I just feel so relieved. Looking back, I can’t help but say “Thank God I survived that one hell of a ride!”

With only three weeks and 4 days already done, I have so much to do in such a small amount of time. And from my history of making lots of goals but ending up not achieving them all, there is just this spark of determination I feel right now for this year’s Christmas vacation to be different. So here’s me hoping and praying I get to achieve the following:

  1.  PROJECT WEIGHT GAIN: Now’s the essential time to gain back the pounds I lost while studying and stressing myself out! It is timely for such ’cause not only it’s Christmas but I’m back home! Nothing beats delicious, home-cooked meals by Nanay (mom)!
  2. Play my violin more and once again . It’s such a shame that I left my Bachendorff to rust and dust. But it’s high time for my fingers to hit some strings and hold a bow. How I wish though that this pursuit of learning the instrument more would involve a violin teacher BUT for free. (Chuckles)
  3. Christmas shopping. Well, it’s the usual routine each year but hakuna matata, I don’t forget the true essence of the season. Actually, I’m the most conscientious among my siblings when it comes to buying stuff for presents and I don’t get myself too absorbed with all the gifts and all. (Jesus Christ is the greatest gift, what more could I or we ask for?!)
  4. Finish my albums. I’ve always ended up failing to finish my two music albums. Hopefully I get to finish them before classes start.(Fingers crossed)
  5. Get more sleep. Although I’m not the type that stays up late, like until 2 am, during school days, I still consider sleep a precious physiological need (more important than sex; there you go, I said it!). I know I get less of it when I’m already a clerk so I’d better enjoy it while I have the chance!
  6. Spend more time with family. Here’s to family worships, movie marathons, scrabble time, jogging, etc. and of course, our annual Christmas games!
  7. Take inventory, plan and renew myself. Spending alone time with God is always a  daily priority for me but it comes with a deeper importance when another new year is near to start. I find joy in recalling memories and events, both good and bad, that happened throughout the outgoing year. But there is deeper joy in laying out goals and ambitions for the future especially when borne out of a loving gratitude to and humble faith in God, the One Who sustains my life until this very moment. In line with that is an overwhelming desire to always become a better version of myself, in all aspects.

So far these are the most worth-sharing TTDs I have for Decembreak! How about you? What do you intend to do?  What can you do to make your experience during the holidays more meaningful and more special? Whatever it may be, it is my wish that you enjoy this year’s Christmas and never lose sight of Jesus, the One we celebrate!

Merry Christmas!


Family and All Things in Between

After dinner at Chicken Charlie. I love this wacky photo!!

After dinner at Chicken Charlie. I love this wacky photo!!

I felt the urge to write about this. I believe it was because of the many things that transpired recently with me and my family. After the tough times (not only the recent ones but considering even the past), I gained some precious insights on the essence of the basic unit of society and how things go. Let me share with you, dear reader what these are. It might be that you think the same way or you are still going to learn these valuable lessons.

1. No family is perfect. It may sound a bit cliche but I think everyone believes that’s the truth. It’s the reality of things because not only is the family composed of human beings but each member is different. Your father might be the tough disciplinarian, too stern and meticulous even with the smallest stuff or the complete opposite. Your mother- the loving and ‘got-it-covered’ type or the busy woman with no time for her kids. Your siblings- well, you can insert any adjective here to describe them. With different personalities, preferences and needs, there’s no doubt that misunderstandings and conflicts arise. This surely proves that in every family, any member can hurt another. Hurtful words can be spoken, violence may be seen so tears are shed and hearts are broken. No matter how perfect some may see one family, there’s always a part unknown and unseen that proves no one comes from a perfect family. Accepting how things go, I believe, really helps in making the family bond stronger. Instead of pretending to be all happy and living up to some fantasy, one can focus on helping each other with there weaknesses and improving their strengths. Despite the imperfections, a family can still work through any dilemma if they work together in cooperation and love. And you’ll understand that an imperfect family might be the happiest and best family to belong to.

2. Sometimes, you have to make the first move. Well, if conflict does arise, I learned in time, that even though it’s not your fault, you always have the choice to apologize first. It is very much contrary to human nature to do that. I mean who would want to apologize to someone who doesn’t even see his wrong and would not bother saying sorry? But I came to realize that when you think about God’s love and compassion, it hits you hard that you’re wasting time by waiting for the other person to apologize. Don’t get me wrong; there are moments when you really have to give silence its spotlight but if hatred is eating your heart up and revenge is sticking to your mind like glue, better let go of these feelings and pave the way for reconciliation. It always helps when you seek God’s help.

3. Respect is always a must. There are times when you argue with your parents and you feel like they don’t get where you’re coming from. Or worse, you got hurt by them and they don’t have a clue on what you’re feeling. Your perception of them changes and you think that the way you treat them must too.These are tough times and it feels like showing respect is the last thing you’ll ever do. But before you might regret it, never loose hold of respect for them. No matter what happens, they are still your parents and they deserve the same level of respect as before. It’s a very difficult situation to be in, provided that many things get in the way like your ego. But sorting things out with them in a spirit of lowliness, without any form of disrespect might be the road to healing- they would acknowledge their shortcomings and change. This doesn’t only to apply with parents but to anyone in the family older than you.

4. Unconditional love is the force that keeps the family going despite all circumstances. If respect is necessary, how much more love? Well, unconditional love that is. I pretty much don’t need to explicate on this one. I believe that almost everyone can agree that no matter what happens, love will reign supreme. And it is truly possible if God dwells in our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Well, there you have it. Just four simple truths that I acquired so far about the family which for me, is one of the greatest blessings from above. And to sum it all up, nothing can change the fact, despite the imperfections and trails, that family will always be family.