Decembreak (December + Sembreak) Feels


Forgive the tiny photo but at least it shows how happy I am this Christmas break..

And finally after quite some time, I am back to blogging! It is quite clear to me now that I cannot successfully accommodate the demands of being a med student and a blogger! But I have high hopes that come 2017, I can squeeze in WordPress every now and then as a sort of study break. Well, I sort of just had a ‘lag’ on what to write next due to hunger and yes, I’m forcing myself to finish this post so that I could reward myself with a nice dinner. Anyway, let me share with you briefly what I plan to do this Christmas vacation which also serves as our sem break. (Sorry if I had to break down what the ‘play-with-words’ title was and not leave you to get it! Oh well, that’s me making sure you do! )

It was only last Wednesday, December 14, when our Christmas break began and since then I have been pretty busy juggling work and rest. Coming from the most tiring and challenging semester in med school so far, I was thirsty for a break. Imagine my endurance and patience during the last days of exams when studying seemed to be an obligation and no longer a delight. So yes, you could tell I really couldn’t wait for first sem to be over! And I guess it was the same case for my batch mates. Now that I’m here living out my vacation, I just feel so relieved. Looking back, I can’t help but say “Thank God I survived that one hell of a ride!”

With only three weeks and 4 days already done, I have so much to do in such a small amount of time. And from my history of making lots of goals but ending up not achieving them all, there is just this spark of determination I feel right now for this year’s Christmas vacation to be different. So here’s me hoping and praying I get to achieve the following:

  1.  PROJECT WEIGHT GAIN: Now’s the essential time to gain back the pounds I lost while studying and stressing myself out! It is timely for such ’cause not only it’s Christmas but I’m back home! Nothing beats delicious, home-cooked meals by Nanay (mom)!
  2. Play my violin more and once again . It’s such a shame that I left my Bachendorff to rust and dust. But it’s high time for my fingers to hit some strings and hold a bow. How I wish though that this pursuit of learning the instrument more would involve a violin teacher BUT for free. (Chuckles)
  3. Christmas shopping. Well, it’s the usual routine each year but hakuna matata, I don’t forget the true essence of the season. Actually, I’m the most conscientious among my siblings when it comes to buying stuff for presents and I don’t get myself too absorbed with all the gifts and all. (Jesus Christ is the greatest gift, what more could I or we ask for?!)
  4. Finish my albums. I’ve always ended up failing to finish my two music albums. Hopefully I get to finish them before classes start.(Fingers crossed)
  5. Get more sleep. Although I’m not the type that stays up late, like until 2 am, during school days, I still consider sleep a precious physiological need (more important than sex; there you go, I said it!). I know I get less of it when I’m already a clerk so I’d better enjoy it while I have the chance!
  6. Spend more time with family. Here’s to family worships, movie marathons, scrabble time, jogging, etc. and of course, our annual Christmas games!
  7. Take inventory, plan and renew myself. Spending alone time with God is always a  daily priority for me but it comes with a deeper importance when another new year is near to start. I find joy in recalling memories and events, both good and bad, that happened throughout the outgoing year. But there is deeper joy in laying out goals and ambitions for the future especially when borne out of a loving gratitude to and humble faith in God, the One Who sustains my life until this very moment. In line with that is an overwhelming desire to always become a better version of myself, in all aspects.

So far these are the most worth-sharing TTDs I have for Decembreak! How about you? What do you intend to do?  What can you do to make your experience during the holidays more meaningful and more special? Whatever it may be, it is my wish that you enjoy this year’s Christmas and never lose sight of Jesus, the One we celebrate!

Merry Christmas!


That’s Christmas to Me

(Here I am, alone in my room, few minutes after having my daily alone time with God. The garbage truck’s music is playing like a lullaby in the background. It’s amusing to me that they have sounds nowadays and if it’s not the same for you, maybe the fact that Christmas songs are being played would change your mind. Well, somehow, that makes the work of garbage men more tolerable although I think the primary purpose for it is to let the people know they are ready to pick up some trash; clearly not for entertainment. Okay, so before I get hooked up with talking about these stuff, I guess I’d better share briefly why I’m writing this entry.

My body was aching at some parts earlier this morning. No doubt, it must be due to the exercise I had last Sunday. I decided to lie down on my bed for a short while and I took this relaxed state to pray to God. I released my burdens to Him, all in full surrender. And during my meditation, I felt impressed to write something about Christmas. Well, the entry from Our Daily Bread for today was related to the yuletide season. And because, after my date with the Lord, I felt better; this would somehow serve as a token of gratitude to Him.





It’s that time of the year again. Malls filled with lots of people busy shopping for presents. Houses fondly decorated with all kinds of ornaments and luminous with the various colored lights. Parties celebrated here and there with people eating their hearts out and talking nonstop. Melodious carols echoing in the air and complementing the smiles on the faces of the ones singing. Traffic, a mere proof that everyone seems so preoccupied during the holidays. Yes, all of these tell us that it’s Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year as one song puts it. And I agree, with all the enjoyment and cheer around us; we can’t help but feel wonderful! But come to think of it, is Christmas wonderful just because of what we do or what keeps us going? Is there a bigger and more important reason why we should feel wonderful?

The answer is YES! Actually, it is not of being greater or of more importance. I believe it is the only cause for us to experience the “Christmas wonder.” And this is no other than the birth of Jesus Christ, a humble and beautiful manifestation of the Father’s love for all humanity! Just imagine how marvelous that starry night was when God was made Incarnate in human flesh. Joseph and Mary holding the baby who was born no place else but a lowly stable and filled with the wonder that only faith in God could evoke. The shepherds awestruck with the heavenly choir of angels who brought them great tidings and with the lovely sight of the Holy Child, the Promised One of Israel. The three Kings from the East, full of determination to find the Son of God and divine intervention paved the way for them to do so through a radiant star. As I think about what I’ve just written, I cannot help but feel the same way as did the people who witnessed the long prophesied arrival of Jesus! With the flashing images of the Nativity in my mind, my heart is lifted up in joyous delight and in sincere thanksgiving to the One Who came to save his people from their sins (Matthew 1:21).

I invite you, dear reader, to take the time to contemplate fully the true reason for the season: Jesus. His birth precedes his death and both events are stark reminders of what unconditional love God has for me, for you, for all of us. Yes, all the traditions and customs with family and friends make the season fun and memorable but without losing sight of the real essence of Christmas, let us celebrate its wonder each day of our lives until Jesus comes again!*

*As a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, I don’t believe that December 25 was the exact day when Jesus was born thousands of years ago. Even Bible scholars think so too. (This is explained in many commentaries.)  I don’t celebrate Christmas believing the common notion of people. But what I do believe is that every day is and should be Christmas because we need to have Christ borne within us (plus not technically but symbolically since Christmas has always been associated with giving love and spreading cheer and we need not do so only on this day.) ‘Nakikisabay lang ako but I know what I believe in.’

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