Light of Irony

You taught us well since childhood

You showed us what was good

But now I am confounded

Maybe I just misunderstood

All those lessons and all those virtues

That we cannot afford to lose

And I feel disappointed

When they don’t apply to your shoes.

It seems unfair that you can say

Anything you want, in any way

But when we have to speak our minds

You shut us off; it is not okay

It seems unreal that your love is

More expressed at times through material gifts

Because there is love in many kinds

That we really need more than all those gifts.

When in struggles, you say words of comfort

But sadly you treat money like a sport

So you play and play until the debts

Become your enemy and your cohort

When will you ever realize and see

That somehow you have hurt us all indirectly

Try to look back on your steps

And change somehow, dear light of irony.


True Nature

Pluvial days, here they come

The hot summer days are past and gone

Just like the friendship I thought was once there

I seemed oblivious to you, do you even care?


Like the cool zephyr coming from the West

You comfort me with words that sound best

But as time goes by, I’ve come to realize

They’re gone with the wind, they have become lies.


You are a rock, so hard and taciturn

I try to be patient but I think I have learned

That you are nonchalant in all your bones and skin

You left me hanging on,you had me for a spin.


Poignant as it is, I have to let go

Of these feelings of pain, of these tears of woe

Life continues whether you are near or far

But with the true knowledge of who you really are.



Oh! What pain is this, what pain is this?

That fills the heart of a masochist

Great despair and loneliness

Irrevocable reign of brokenness

Rendezvous of turmoil and grief

With honest deceit and playful mischief

Loose hold of me, this I say “Please!”

For all these feelings I want to release.


Ouch! It hurts so much, it hurts so much

My happy spirit has been crushed

It cuts like a knife and sting like a bee

It feels as if I’ve fallen on my knees

I am bound to melodious melancholy

Like an anchor rooted deep in the bed of sea

So save me from this place so hushed

Where flood of tears are very lush.


No! Don’t let me fall, don’t let me fall

Drowning am I with a heavy soul\

Suspend me on the skies os high

For I may stumble into the depths that lie

Just give me wings so I can fly

Into the clouds of true freedom above

And that will be the reason why

I’ll soar like a beautiful dove

From this place of darkness full I’d exclaim, “Alas, goodbye!”


Ah! here I am, here I am

Shining in glorious triumph

Free at last, wrenched no more

I’m ready again to walk by life’s bounty shores

My spirits rejoice, my mind at peace and my heart overjoyed

Because after a long journey I finally reach the door

Beyond lies endless emancipation in store

And supreme love stripped to its core

Welcomes me, a masochist, a masochist no more.