About ME, MYSELF and I

Hey there!! Welcome to Through Life’s Ebony and Ivory (formerly and originally called Kyle Style).

Being a pianist, I just love running my fingers through the black and white keys of the mother instrument. As I grew up through the years though, I was able to take a deeper look into how fitting my life has been with the keys- the black representing the bad times and the white, the good. And when you ‘play through’ them, you end up with a masterpiece of harmonious melody, a perfect metaphor for my life with all its ups and downs. This blog is a collection of my life events or moments which left me with a lot of lessons and gave me many insights which are also worth sharing here.

More than sharing, I write to inspire and to promote Christ in my posts as I consider myself a very spiritual/religious person. I have accepted Jesus at a very young age and I am so blessed to have Him in my life. My relationship with Him is my top priority and for me, without Him equals a life of emptiness and despair. For me, religion is a very important part in my life.

I am, by birth, a music lover and a musician. Music runs through my veins like blood and I could not live without it. I love to play the piano and sing. I love to make music. I love to listen to classical and Christian music. I love music. I just can’t overemphasize it.

I am a conscientious person. I live with a purpose. I want to be the best that I can be for the glory of God and for the best of my fellowmen. I want to be an effective witness for Christ every day of my life. I want to be a doctor someday because it is a profession of not only knowledge and skills but also of compassion and principle. It hit me that since I am not a millionaire or practically speaking I won’t be one either, I cannot help people financially but being a physician I can do so physically and of more importance, spiritually (The medical profession should bring healing and restoration to both body and soul.) It was a childhood dream of mine and now, after a tough ordeal of events and by God’s grace, I am about to enter med school. I am near fulfilling this challenging ambition and I look forward to a future of service to God and fellowmen in the health field.

On the negative side, I am obsessive/compulsive. It may have its benefits but trust me, the cons outweigh the pros. I am also socially undeveloped; I prefer one-on-one friendships or shall I say being with a small group of people where I feel ‘safe.’ This social defect has probably made me a loner in a huge percentage of my life but I still have friends, worth keeping. (I know one of them is reading this…)

For the random facts about yours truly, here’a a feast:

*I am an avid X-Men aficionado. Since being a kid, I love watching t these mutants battle it out against evil  and protect their race and humankind. Either cartoons or not, this Marvel creation keeps the child in me alive.

*I have a sweet tooth and my favorites include donuts, cakes, pastries and most of all, bread. I love cinnamon and for me, it’s the best flavor God invented. Sad to say, these treats aggravated my acne. (sighs)

*I am big Yuna fan because her music is fresh, unique and relevant. Other artists whose music I enjoy listening to are Josh Groban, Leona Lewis and David Archuleta. Not too mainstream right? Well, too much of today’s music are full of crap and nonsense.

*I like to travel but unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to enable me to. Anyway, someday in the near future, when I’m already working, I shall travel to my heart’s desire.

*I like to snort when my nose gets itchy and this irritates my family especially my lil’ sis. I enjoy picking my nose if it’s full of you-know-what-I’m-referring-to and the feeling is mutual when I remove my dead skin cells (buling). Call me disgusting but as a medical technolgist by profession, I’m pretty much concerned of being clean and germ-free. Well, this leads to the fact that I can’t live without alcohol. Green Cross, Biogenic– those are my favorites. Not Red Bull, San Miguel. LOL!

*I hate mosquitoes and garbage. I dislike undisciplined people especially those who throw their garbage anywhere. I hate cigarette smoke the most and it bugs the hell out of me to inhale all those carbon monoxide.

Well, looks like I share a lot but I can’t share every bit of me. However, through this blog, I know that somehow, you, dear reader, would learn more about me.

So join me as I play on my life’s sonata under the hands of the Master Musician…


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