You Raise Me Up


I’m going to sing the very popular song of Josh Groban, the title of which is the same as this entry this Wednesday. Not only once but twice. And in public… Somebody pinch me! I never thought that I’d get to sing this long loved ballad for real. I only sing it at the shower or in my room, you know. Being a fan of the named artist, I am quite excited to do this but I cannot escape the nervousness because it is such an emotional song, familiar to lots of people. I hope and pray that my performance on  the 27th would be a success! However, I am not dwelling on how I feel for my upcoming rendition. I would like to share, briefly, how this song, seems so timely during this challenging time in my life.

As of the moment, my uncle is in the ICU in such a critical condition and it makes me feel like it’s God sustaining Him all along with the medical apparatuses. Please pray for him; I’d greatly appreciate it. Adding to my concern is the fact that our pharmacological study is still under rocks and it never runs out of presenting us with new problems or difficulties. They said research was fun but so far, it has never been that way, somehow. With limited time and resources, I am trying to be positive that we can start promptly. But it looks like this won’t be the case for us. I am keeping my finger crossed! On top of all these, I am still dealing with some personal struggles that present a daily  burden upon me. It seems to me that the brunt of all these is upon my shoulders.

But God constantly reminds me, especially through ‘You Raise Me Up’, that I am strong when I lean on His shoulders; that He can raise me up as I deal with these present challenges and difficulties. And the weight feels like it is lifted off when you get to express your emotions. How much more when you have surrendered everything to Him?

I don’t think it was a coincidence that ‘You Raise Me Up’ ended up to be my song opportunely! This is undoubtedly a gracious provision of the good Lord!


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