What Grace is This!


Let our constant speech be: “Jesus, keep me near the Cross!” (Photo taken from: guardianlv.com)


Fresh from my personal Bible study, I would like to share some insights about the spiritual manna that I received minutes ago. Indeed, as the Catholic world commemorates the death of Jesus Christ this Good Friday, I can’t help but ponder upon the ultimate sacrifice made for humanity. (The devotional entry I read was timely.) We don’t have the same beliefs, I guess, dear reader but one thing is true: we highly regard Jesus as the greatest Gift the Father has given for His children; human beings who are lost and weary, hopeless if it were not for this.

As I think about the love of God, my heart is filled with so much awe and wonder; with so much gratitude that even the whole universe can’t contain. And yet, I am filled with remorse and shame; with irrevocable despair over myself, knowing with certainty that it was all my sin that caused Him to die for me to live, for me to gain eternal life. Without Jesus, I could have been nothing. We all could have been. You and I would never get to know the riches of His grace and the depths of the  Father’s love!

This grace, which never ceases to amaze me, is free for all of us. Ephesians 2:8-9 reminded me and it does so to everyone that it comes without any price tag: ‘For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.’

Wow! Isn’t that amazing? What a wonderful and blessed assurance we have from God’s Word! I know that some of my Christian friends still do not know the real essence of this. Sadly, some still think that in order to gain salvation, they need to perform something like nailing oneself to a cross (a common tradition in some parts of the country). Even I am not excluded from thinking this way because at times, there is this tendency to focus on doing good in order to get God’s favor. But the message is clear: God’s grace is shown through Jesus Christ and it is a free gift, readily given to anyone who repents and confesses his/her sins! Thank You God for such marvelous provision!

Not only this Holy Week but each day of our lives until He comes, let this sacred theme be constantly meditated upon! After all, it is only when we learn to appreciate Christ’s death that we get to see that in Him, we have life!


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