2015: A Year of Transition

(Fresh from my daily alone time with God, I am certainly in the mood to write this post! I guess being able to have my exercise this morning helped me to be all pumped out for the first day of 2016! How I wish I can keep up with this and make it a routine for a healthier life this New Year.)

Wow!!! (Breathes deeply…) I cannot believe it guys! It’s already 2016 and another year has just gone by. Let me briefly share with you how my 2015 went because it was surely filled with many big achievements, fun moments and abundant blessings!

I dubbed this year as a “Year of Transition” because it found me entering a state of independence. Last January, I left for Manila and lived there for almost 3 months. While surviving the unwanted and harsh realities in the capital (being away from my family for the first time was tougher), I had my review there for the Med Tech board exams which took place last March. By God’s grace, I passed the examinations and was only few points away from the Top 10! Talk about shattered dreams! It was hard to swallow and even now, if it crosses my mind, I somehow get bothered and all. But God taught me an unforgettable lesson which I will ever remember. And of course, how could I not be happy? I passed and became a Registered Medical Technologist! May I seek to focus on the future and not on what could have been! ‘Let it go, let it go, can’t hold me back anymore!’  There you go, that’s helpful!

Besides becoming a professional this year, it was also transitional for me because I entered West Visayas State University- College of Medicine last July. Med school was a big leap because I stayed miles away from my family and for the first time also, I was living in a dorm. And academically speaking, the study load was far different from my pre med course. But one thing was and has been certain, always: God sustained me, in all aspects especially financially, throughout my stay at Roxas Hall. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to study in a premiere school so that I could achieve my childhood dream!

These two were the highlights of the past year but I couldn’t afford not to mention the people that made it memorable and meaningful. I have been richly blessed with many new found friendships. My med school barkada, Team AAAACHU (our group name is a combination of the first letter of our family names) has added joy and laughter to my plate making med school a delightful ride. How much more my SGD Group, Mangtwo2waz! Med school has taken brand new meaning when I joined the chorale group of the college, the Med Symphony. Our tiring practices for our Christmas caroling were profoundly rewarded with delicious meals, generous donations and heartwarming compliments! This goes the same way for my SDA family at West, the 136 Wishers, a group of talented and friendly people whose presence I will always be thankful for. And I will certainly not forget my family especially my father. Tatay was the one who accompanied me to Manila and Iloilo (What big sacrifice!); he was undoubtedly influential in my successes. Nanay, on the other hand, has supported me a lot through her motherly prayers and genuine comfort. My two loving sisters have been instrumental in making my life easier and happier. Indeed, it is our relationships that spice our life. What could be our memories without family or friends? Thank You Lord for these precious souls, such vivid reminders of how loving You are!

Well, I wish I could tell you more but my tummy’s rumbling! Haha… In summary, 2015 has been a challenging rollercoaster ride for me and my family. I learned a lot of things and I am hoping that these lessons would serve me good this year. I failed, I stumbled, I messed up. But God, in His great faithfulness and loving goodness still forgave, forgot and fixed me. Despite all the setbacks and shortcomings, I couldn’t be more grateful for He is in control and He loves me unconditionally!

Letting go of the past, living for the present and looking forward to a brighter and better future this 2016, I bid you as I end this post: Happy New Year!



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