2: Born to Write

Today marks the second year of me being a WordPress writer! (Happy Birthday to me!) Well, if you could see me, you could really tell that this means a lot to me because I had to stop studying for a long quiz tomorrow to have this written and published! And this actually means “Ahhh…..” for me. It’s not every day that I get to write something during med school. I am becoming a robot with the unending routine of endless studying daily. I feel great to share again after quite some time and also to have break from all those books.

It seemed like only yesterday that I wrote my first entry and it all started because of one person- a skilled writer, not that prolific but certainly delivers a masterpiece every time. Well, his pure talent was undeniably infectious that I ended up with my creative juices working. And the rest is history! I don’t know if this person ever thinks of me but I have to come to believe that I’m no longer a friend. Sadly, I have ended up being an acquaintance. Funny how remembering someone brings about a cascade of emotions which are not part of the subject matter. (Laughing at myself). Anyway, this is is after all a sweet release.

Looking back, I have written few posts that highlighted major events in my life and involved important topics in my life. This is a fulfillment on my part and looking into the future, I anticipate the moment of reading them again and remembering each. But as for now, with joy and gratitude in my heart, I celebrate the gift of writing! After all, I was born to write.

Celebrating the mightier power of the pen over the sword

2 years and counting: Celebrating the mightier power of the pen over the sword


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