From the Crossroads to the Narrow Road

(This post was written yesterday but due to lack of an internet connection, it was posted today which as an Adventist would be considered a Tuesday)

This is it! Here I am, alone in my “new” room, in a city a few miles away from my beloved hometown, Bacolod. This is the night before a new journey in my life begins and it is one which clearly entails a deliberate choice. What I am referring to is my first day in medical school. It feels so surreal that tomorrow is going to be the start of something I longed for and thought about. Time truly flies so fast that it seemed like only yesterday that I was still dreaming of becoming a doctor. And tomorrow is the day when it shall set off; tomorrow is the day when that dream starts to become a reality. I can’t believe it, you know. My system seems unable to accept the stark fact that this is finally the realization of my childhood dream. Somebody pinch me or else I can’t still accept the pace of things.

Anyway, being in this place was no joke. It didn’t take one blink of an eye for me to reach where I am now. I certainly believe that all these are what God planned for me. Despite the insurmountable circumstances that could prompt me of not pursuing medical school this year, divine intervention paved the way for me to end up at West Visayas State University- College of Medicine. This institution is my mother’s Alma Mater and my dream school. I remember right now the moment of gratitude and excitement I had upon receiving the news that I was one of the people who got in. And just to think that come tomorrow, I would be walking its hallways as an official medical student gives me mixed feelings. Anticipation coupled with eagerness and a bit of nervousness fills my heart because this is the real deal. Medical school is undoubtedly different from the undergraduate course one takes. This is the high and narrow road many want to enter but are not capable of doing so.

Looking back to the past few days and weeks, I can attest that inspite of them being so challenging and very stressful, God has been leading me. His timing is incredibly perfect and His leading is genuinely dependable. I could have not survived any of my recent dilemmas without His guidance. I could have given up if it were not for His grace that sustains me up to this day. The weather has been a hindrance at some days especially during my enrollment and the transfer of my things. The lacking documents which was definitely my fault, caused great distress to me and my family. But through all of these, we survived.  I would always be grateful to the Lord that by faith, I have come this far and I will continue to do so as I enter the portals of medical school.

I am done with my meditation and prayer time in preparation for tomorrow. My things are ready and my bag is packed. I have refreshed myself with the purpose of why I am here and also of the goals through answering the questions at the back of our Freshmen Survival Guide. I am almost finished in expressing my sentiments regarding this important journey in my life. Having surrendered everything to God, I am determined. I am hopeful. I am ready.


It was last Friday when we had our Freshmen Orientation Program. Despite the rainy weather, it was a blast!

Roxas Hall, here I come!


MY DREAM AT A GLANCE: It really helps to be alone and refresh yourself with your goals


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