The Narrow Road

The Christian life is not and has never been easy and Jesus clearly pointed that out in Matthew 7:14- “But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.” Personally speaking, I can attest to this Bible verse being true because I have my fair share of weaknesses and struggles.

You know, these circumstances are things we abhor; things we want to be gone in our lives. But these have, somehow, taught me many valuable lessons, increased my faith in God and caused me to grow closer to Calvary. Don’t get me wrong; being free from these things is what I really want. However, human as I am, it seems easier to stick to them rather than letting go! So I suffered from many slips and setbacks already. Yet it is during times like these, when you feel really broken (more than an egg which fell from the Eiffel Tower), when you’re completely a perfect mess (more than your room would ever be), that you see the need of Jesus. You realize that you have gone astray again and left the fold. You long to be reunited with the Good and Gentle Shepherd. You earnestly desire to be back where you truly belong and to be forgiven of your sins. You surely want to start over again and make things right!

And thank God, you can, I can, we can! This is the Christian life. We fall but God picks us up and wipes away the dust from ourselves! We fail but He provides us consolation and strength by telling us that we need to trust Him more! We forget but He lovingly reminds us that He is always there, ready to free us if we come to Him in repentance!

The difference, however, is that after confession, there should be a change of heart. It may be slow but as long as it is sure and sincere, we can see that God is working on us. And that’s something I like to happen to me! Everyday, growing in Jesus, becoming more like Him. Oh, it’s easier said than done! But it is possible! It is possible because with God nothing is impossible. (Luke 1:37)

So there it is before me, the narrow road. The only way leading to eternity, the passage that is mostly left out or forgotten, the path I choose to take. It is hard to stay on it but one thing is certain: Jesus will walk with me ’til I reach the pearly gates of heaven, my chains gone and my  burdens lifted!


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