From Dreams to Smiles and Everything in Between

Here am I upon arrival at the place where no other can replace: HOME

Here am I upon arrival at the place where no other can replace: HOME

Finally, after more than 2 months of not being able to do so, I can write and post here in my blog again! If you are wondering why I was absent for quite some time, that is because I was in Manila where I had my review for the March Medical Technology board exams. I can’t believe it because it seems like only yesterday that I was still walking the hallways of the university or reviewing for our quizzes. And then I took one of the most important exams in my life which took place last March 11 and 12. By God’s grace, I passed and I am now a professional, a certified RMT (Registered MedTech). And on this note, let me share this exciting and memorable journey with you, dear reader.

It all started on January 4 when  I set sail on familiar waters toward Iloilo, a city near my hometown and just 1 hour and a half away. The truth that I would be leaving home for about 3 months did not sink in easily but I believe after the tiring packing and tearful goodbyes, it hit me hard. With my father to guide me, it felt reassuring not to be alone. But I knew innately that the time would come when he had to leave and I would really be on my own- it was the beginning of independence.

To make the long story short, we arrived safely and the next day I passed my application for the College of Medicine of Western Visayas State University. I was the first one to do so and good thing the process was smooth and quick. We then left for the airport and before I knew it, I was already in Manila. (We took the “two-stones-with-one-bird” opportunity of flying from Iloilo for both my application and the fact that it was more affordable.) We were fetched by my dad’s best friend who drove us to Quezon City which would serve as my new home. It was a whole new world for me- insidious traffic, evident pollution, different language and culture, etc. I already expected the inevitable realities of living in the capital but I was excited of the many opportunities I had especially the ones pertaining to visiting new places. And upon setting foot on the 38th floor condominium which was to be my abode for the next few months with new people to live with, life took an unexpected yet beautiful turn for me.

Being family oriented, it was a big challenge for me to be away from the people that matter most to me after God. I considered it an effective means though to become independent and learn how to deal with different types of people. And in faith I focused on my goals so I was able to let go of my concerns, worries and fears. And despite living with the things just mentioned at times, I went on with my life. And boy, I learned a lot! Besides the knowledge I acquired from ACTS Review Center, I took in deep insights about life and God which made my stay there meaningful. More than these, I met many individuals who became close friends. I found my church family in Manila Chinese SDA Church which was the exact church God led me to. I am so thankful to the Lord that He brought me to this spiritual oasis where the members are so hospitable and the youth very active in doing service to Him. I looked forward to every Sabbath after a strenuous week of review and thank God, I participated in many activities and programs that strengthened my faith and passion for the Lord. From the Bible study group to the choir, it felt like I was not a visitor at all but a member. I remember the first time, my friend Elmar and I attended church in ‘China’, we were warmly and enthusiastically welcomed. It was a complete contrast from the church back home and I intend to bring this essence when I return.  I was richly blessed in my spiritual life all throughout my stay in Manila and I will always be in gratitude to God for this. It seems that all these blessings far outweigh my passing the board.

*I really want to share a lot but time is so limited. I think this would be the first part and I shall share more in part 2.


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