The Meaningful Comeback of Mr. Parody


Hey guys! After some time of not being able to make a Youtube parody, I finally came back with one and I posted it last Thursday, December 4. Thank God my creative juices were working and so i ended up with a parody for one of the biggest songs of this year- Sia’s Chandelier. I had so much fun composing it and even in having the video filmed despite the numerous takes. Haha.. I literally got my vocal cords working and they were strained… Well, I can’t blame the perfectionist in me… 🙂

Anyway, besides the enjoyment, this whole process was meaningful because the parody was my anthem for the upcoming board exam in Medical Technology which I will be taking next year. So it was like a track tailored for yours truly so that I can have the musical motivation in preparing for this very important test. But not only for me. I intended it to  be also an inspiration for anyone to strive hard for his/her dreams and goals.

Well, there you have it. I really wanna share this parody and it is entitled, Persevere! Please watch it despite the low quality of the video but rest assured, the lyrics are awesome!  Enjoy and thank you… 🙂

P.S. If you love medical stuff and music, please subscribe to my channel. Or you may just like or comment. It surely means a lot!


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