2014: A Year of Blessings


This is me with a grateful smile for all God’s bountiful blessings this 2014… 🙂

Whew… Alas, I have arrived at the last day of 2014 and were it not for God’s grace, I would not be here. As I look back to the previous year, I can’t help but thank God for all the blessings He has given me and my family. May it be through trials or gifts, closed doors or opportunities. This year has been a blast and I consider it one of the best years for me since it is packed with highlights, which I will share with you, dear reader. Each, I consider a blessing.

I was still an intern when the year started and it found me saying goodbye to Riverside Medical Center after 2 months of duty there. I enjoyed my stay at the laboratory full of friendly staff and awesome machines. One defining moment during my time there was our Christmas party where my fellow UNO-R interns and I won 4th place for our group performance which was a spoof of Showtime’s SIne Mo ‘To. I got to perform Wrecking Ball with Zidluck and it was both embarrassing and fun at the same time I continued my duties at Adventist Medical Center- Bacolod where my internship experience was more fun and memorable. The atmosphere in the lab was so light; it was like you belonged to a family. From overcoming my ‘shaking’ problem during venipuncture to meeting the ‘girl’ of my dreams there, the internship was one of the most challenging and memorable experiences in my life. I was glad that I was able to touch lives and be a witness for Jesus.

The second blessing was my graduation which took place on March 22, 2014. After 4 years in a Catholic university which was tough, I finally left UNO-R and unexpectedly, with flying colors. I thought I would never be an honor graduate due to my cross-enrollment for a subject which fell on a Sabbath. But God rewarded my faithfulness and so I graduated cum laude. Oh, I remember that moment of joyful surprise when I learned of this news! It was such a special blessing and I will always be grateful to God for it.

Third, the opportunity to serve God as a literature evangelist during summer was a worthwhile effort and I learned a lot from the ministry. The spiritual benefits outweigh the monetary ones.

Fourth, unemployment is an unusual blessing. After my in-house review, my life kinda took a sudden turn when I had to be the “atsoy” of the house. I was left at home most of the time, doing the chores and reviewing for the baord exams and NMAT. I really wanted to help my parents financially and so I applied at a hospital for the position of phlebotomist. But it was clear that God’s will for me was not to work yet. It was hard at first to accept this harsh truth but good enough, I was able to move on. In God’s time, I shall be employed and work for His glory.

Fifth, my dream of  having a piano concert was fulfilled on the eve of my 21st birthday, October 24. It was a truly meaningful event because it was my ‘debut’ and it was a concert for a cause (all the proceeds went to the Jail Ministry of our church). Entitled “Through Life’s Ebony and Ivory”, I played pieces arranged by Greg Howlett which were songs that impacted my life. Giving back my talent to God was wonderful. I will always cherish this moment in my heart.

Sixth, my NMAT experience last Novem Despite my lack of sleep the night before, God sustained me and so I survived the whole test. And just 2 weeks before, I got my results and all praises to the One who provided me with strength and wisdom on that fateful day!

Last but not the least, the blessings of family and friends have made all the ones mentioned above more special and beautiful. Without these peeps supporting me and comforting me, what would I be? I remember our foodtrips and ‘lagaw’ at SM. Our time bonding with each other, may it be at church or simply at home. And of course, the recent Christmas fellowship that we had was superb! Indeed, time with family is something to look forward to.

So these are all my blessings this 2014! They all come in different forms, some expected, few otherwise but one thing remains true: God is the Source of all them. And in heartfelt gratitude, all I can say is To God be the glory!! 🙂


P.S. Happy New Year guys! Have a blissful 2o15!


Reality Check

*I was about to post this entry but then unfortunately, the WiFi connection got lost. So here’s my late/delayed serving!! 🙂

Somehow, someday, everything will be okay...

Somehow, someday, everything will be okay…

So here I am, all alone at home almost every weekday and it’s been like this for some months already. I’ve gotten pretty used to it somehow and I now consider myself a professional home buddy. (Insert mediocre self-laugh here.) Too much solitude can break my sanity so I’d better continue typing.

Anyway, besides these trivial feelings, I think my existence has become so monotonous, so mundane that I no longer don’t know what my purpose in life is. Don’t think me as one who never prays or goes to church. Trust me, I try to spend time with God everyday by reading and meditating on His Word. I prefer mornings to do so before the busyness sets in.  I think it’s both the definitions of mundane that actually describe my life. Either way, the fact is I’m not living the way God wants me to live.

I am in this shifting state where I would feel energetic to do something and then I feel timid or tired for some reason. I believe this is the result of bad decisions in the past of which the consequences I’m still suffering. It is really like a large-scale situation that involves a lot of my life’s aspects and I want to change things but at times, the complacency and weakness innate to human nature intervene. This miserably humdrum existence must cease but it is a sad reality that I’ve grown used to it. In one way or another, I need to break free and I can only do so, by the grace of God.

So here’s a reality check for myself: I have my problems and weaknesses to solve and overcome but I should not let them take away the joy and purpose of life because life is truly a blessing. I have a few weeks left with my family before I leave for Manila (I will be taking my review there for the upcoming Medical Technology board) and I have to make the most of my time with them because I will surely miss the people who care and love for me the most. Even the solitude at home I will miss too. I have lots of plans laid out for this month and I cannot even start one due to many distractions which are really preventable. I know I have to start achieving them slowly but surely before time runs out because maybe I would never get the chance to do them again.  In addition, I should not tire myself off especially with studying for the board exams because a healthy life comes only with balance. (This means I’ve got to go back jogging!) And lastly, I have a very fickle relationship with the Lord. At times, I lose sight of eternal life which is my primary goal in life due to the pleasures of the world. I get sidetracked most of the time and tend to lose focus on life’s essentials. It is high time to change that because I only got one life to live and I want it to give glory to God and bring goodness to man.

It is indeed refreshing to give myself an eye-opener. After all those years I’ve wasted, I believe it’s a precious opportunity to be in my place right now. And I thank God wholeheartedly for it! But beyond the gratitude, lies the utmost desire and the deepest determination to successfully change, to finally make the most out of life. Here’s to the fulfillment of these things!!

The Meaningful Comeback of Mr. Parody


Hey guys! After some time of not being able to make a Youtube parody, I finally came back with one and I posted it last Thursday, December 4. Thank God my creative juices were working and so i ended up with a parody for one of the biggest songs of this year- Sia’s Chandelier. I had so much fun composing it and even in having the video filmed despite the numerous takes. Haha.. I literally got my vocal cords working and they were strained… Well, I can’t blame the perfectionist in me… 🙂

Anyway, besides the enjoyment, this whole process was meaningful because the parody was my anthem for the upcoming board exam in Medical Technology which I will be taking next year. So it was like a track tailored for yours truly so that I can have the musical motivation in preparing for this very important test. But not only for me. I intended it to  be also an inspiration for anyone to strive hard for his/her dreams and goals.

Well, there you have it. I really wanna share this parody and it is entitled, Persevere! Please watch it despite the low quality of the video but rest assured, the lyrics are awesome!  Enjoy and thank you… 🙂

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Light of Irony

You taught us well since childhood

You showed us what was good

But now I am confounded

Maybe I just misunderstood

All those lessons and all those virtues

That we cannot afford to lose

And I feel disappointed

When they don’t apply to your shoes.

It seems unfair that you can say

Anything you want, in any way

But when we have to speak our minds

You shut us off; it is not okay

It seems unreal that your love is

More expressed at times through material gifts

Because there is love in many kinds

That we really need more than all those gifts.

When in struggles, you say words of comfort

But sadly you treat money like a sport

So you play and play until the debts

Become your enemy and your cohort

When will you ever realize and see

That somehow you have hurt us all indirectly

Try to look back on your steps

And change somehow, dear light of irony.