The HOMO sapiens Advantage


Just last Sabbath, August 23, 2014, we had a very sensitive issue for our group dynamics during the AYF program (Youth Empowerment Service): HOMOSEXUALITY. Yes, you read it right. No wonder many people came because it was both an interesting and controversial topic. After the time to discuss the given questions among small groups, Dra. Gayares gave the conclusion on the whole matter. I really learned a lot that afternoon and the urgency of the issue was alarming so I decided to share some things through this post.

Indeed, society, these days, has been more open to homosexuality than it was few years ago. With the acceptance of the third sex, the LGBT community has emerged and gained strength. There is no doubt that anywhere we can find gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders fighting for their rights and living according to their hearts’ desires. It is truly a big social transition from what used to be.

Well, haven’t you ask yourself how on earth homosexuality came into existence? For sure, it had no place during Creation because it was so clear that God only made man and woman, male and female. That was even the case for the animals. This phenomenon- homosexuality- must have started after the fall of man- when sin entered the world. And this fact was reiterated by Dra. Gayares. I couldn’t help but agree. Think about it! When sin entered the world, everything changed: roses had thorns, plants or animals died, Adam and Eve had to work. Everything was the complete opposite of what God created. But the worst of all was man becoming sinful in his nature, doing things that were contrary to God’s will. I don’t know who was the first gay man to ever walk on earth but that doesn’t matter at all. Homosexuality is a defiant deviation from what is normal and how things should be. I wouldn’t be surprised that it occurred in an imperfect world!

My focus here is the acknowledgement of the fact that homosexuality is not only against the laws of nature but also of God. The Old Testament is clear with God’s instruction to the Israelites considered. Please see Leviticus 20:13. Even in the New Testament, we are reminded through 1 Corinthians 6:9 of this – Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality. (ESV) God’s Word makes the truth plain and it would be blindness or rebellion on one’s part to continue on this destructive path.

And yes, I know, there are a lot of factors which influence a person to become a homosexual. Based on different researches, genetics play only 40% but for the environmental factors, a massive 60%. No wonder there is an increase in the number of gays in recent times. This is somehow a reflection of the rise in sexual abuse cases and the success of mass media in influence. Certainly, this is a complicated social phenomenon with many things to consider. But we still go back to the simple truth that homosexuality is a product of sin’s entrance into our imperfect world. It is a disease of the mind, a psychosocial cancer that eats its way into the lives of many individuals who could have lived better lives. Let me share what the Church’s view on homosexuality is:

“Homosexuality is a manifestation of the disturbance and brokenness in human inclinations and relations caused by the entrance of sin into the world.”

Acknowledging this enables one who is at the verge of becoming a homosexual or is in gender confusion to make things right. He or she may be an atheist but the conscience speaks up for what is right. And for those who are Christians, God’s Word convicts them of their sins and leads them to paths of holiness and righteousness.They are empowered to fight against their natural inclinations and depend on Him to be successful in such endeavors.

I have nothing against the LGBTs. They are also human beings created by God and loved by Him. Jesus died for them too. It is the essence of homosexuality that I abhor and cannot tolerate because in the first place, it was not part of God’s plan for all of us. And it never will be. I will show love and compassion to any homosexual (of course not the romantic type but in context with God’s Word). And I truly believe that I can show that by talking sense to that person and telling him or her nicely what the Lord wants. I would help that person realize that the notions of the world that “you’re born this way” or “that’s the way you’re wired” are lies because I believe in a God who can transform, even the impossible; who can do wonders and conquer what seems to us unconquerable. If we really love a homosexual, I believe we’ll find ways to change his or her mind not unless it’s too late.

So to every gay, lesbian, bi or transgender out there, I leave you with this: Think about what I’ve written because it’s for your good. I know it may be hard for you and you may reason out that you were born that way and you couldn’t change it. Think again. God granted us the freedom of choice, the power of will. And that’s the advantage for us, Homo sapiens. We can always choose to be what we really are as God created us to be. We can always choose the better path which God wants us to take. We can always count on Him to help us make the right choice.

Even in animals, there is homosexuality.I’ve seen an episode in National Geographic showing this and it sounds weird and cool at first but after thinking about it longer, it’s the other way around. Big proof that this is undeniably an imperfection so innate to many creatures due to sin. But please don’t forget the advantage, my friend. Please show me, prove to me, that you can live up to the species and more importantly, to the Creator.


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