I want to share my first experience of canvassing yesterday. As for you who don’t know want canvassing is, it is simply selling books, magazines and other publications of our Church to different homes and communities. Being a part-time literature evangelist during this summer, this was not a simple task to do. I really need to find time after review for the medtech board to find potential buyers of reading materials on health, spiritual improvement, etc. There’s no doubt I’m such a multi-tasker. And I guess that’s what really makes me, me! I kinda both love and hate that fact, you know.

Well, anyway, going back to my topic, yesterday was surely new for me because I only sold books to people who I knew or my family knew.  From Manville subdivision, a high-class place of big mansions to a portion of Barangay Pahanocoy, Famela [my partner] and I survived the cruel heat just to get the job done. Despite our best efforts, we ony ended up with 2 books sold yet the blessing of serving the Lord was overwhelming that it didn’t matter at all. We went home satisfied with the thought of what we did was enough- encouraging the people of the benefits of our reading materials, praying for the ones who bought and offering a smile despite constant rejection and negative response.Deep within our hearts still lie the living hope and burning desire of service to God no matter what.

All in all, it was  great that on Labor Day, we labored for God’s kingdom And I hope and pray that seeds of truth were sown. 


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