Scripture Song 1

I’ve spent a huge deal of time making parodies for myself and for my Medical Technology batchmates. It was really a fun way of expressing myself and it was actually my way during those times to give myself a break. It occurred to me, however, that if I can make funny, helpful spoofs,,why can’t I do something to help people remember the Lord? So I started to make Scripture songs. I would take a verse, sit before my keyboard and incorporate a beautiful tune to the text. It’s going to be a faith-enriching experience every time I’ll make a Scripture song and I’m looking forward that people can memorize Scripture through this! 😀


For this first one I made, it’s from the New Testament:

1 John :4-5- Every child of God can defeat the world and his faith is what gives us this victory. No one can defeat the world without having faith in Jesus as the Son of God.

May this verse help you in your walk with God and may you also learn to make your own Scripture songs so that you can remember a verse effectively!


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