Living in a tropical country like the Philippines has its pros and cons. Well, for me the latter somehow outweighs the former ’cause I’m like Edward Cullen who’s sore afraid of the sun. But it’s more of the summer sun which is inevitably scorching hot and vividly lustrous that frightens me the most. I don’t wanna end up with stage 4 skin cancer or be black as charcoal. Anyway, all I want to emphasize in this post is that the weather’s so different today than it was before. With the evident global warming that is happening, we’re up face with a serious environmental problem that making the world a future burnt toast.

I believe that I’m not the only one suffering from this phenomenon. I heard my dad commented last night that he felt that there was a heat wave. And for sure, cities like Cebu and Manila are experiencing more heat than us here in Bacolod. I actually posted in Facebook this status, signifying how the heat especially during summer can really make one crazy:

“Pluvious days, where art thou? The insidious sun, wanton in its course, is making me restive. I need Anne Curtis and all singers like her, with their recalcitrant voices, to descant. So that rain shall come nigh and comfort us with nonpareil coolness. 

#LOL #EffectsoftheHeat

Though my post is funny and all, we’re all facing a dilemma that needs a serious and effective solution. We may not be part of DENR or any NGO associated with caring  directly for Mother Earth, we can do something to help alleviate ourselves from the dreadful heat. May it be just walking to school instead of using a vehicle or just enjoying the comforting zephyr instead of using the air conditioner.Actually, I have a realization: Isn’t it ironic that the thing we use to cool ourselves is the one causing the atmosphere to become thinner by the minute? Not unless that air conditioner is CFC-free.Well, I leave it to you, dear reader. What can you do to prevent global warming in its destructive course? Because your answer my friend can do a lot in preserving our lives and the lives of future generations.









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