Forever Changed: A Post Communion Service Renewal






This Sabbath, I have to say that I really felt so blessed and empowered with all the things I’ve been through. Yes! It was a very special day because we had our Communion Service. As for those who have no idea what this is, this is a sacred ordinance held at the start of every quarter. It is a holy ceremony where we commemorate the great sacrifice Jesus did on the cross to save humanity from eternal damnation. It is where we partake of the symbols of His broken body, the bread and His precious blood, the wine. It is highly an important spiritual experience for me. because of the following reasons.which I more than love to share with you:

First and foremost, it is a time to ask God for forgiveness, grace and love to be once again part of your existence. Living in mortal bodies we are very much prone to sin any time. We have such a sinful nature as human beings that sin may sometimes feel coomon like breathing. We can’t deny it, we all are sinners and no matter how we try to not sin anymore, we end up making the same mistakes we did before or new ones which would later become our weaknesses. Either way, one thing is sure: we can always ask for God’s pardon and mercies to be granted on our wicked hearts and sinful souls. And with such a great opportunity in this service held this morning, I confessed everything to the One who is ever loving, kind and gracious even to the worst of sinners. I opened both my heart and mind to Him so that He can cleanse me from all unrighteousness and filthiness. I had such sweet succor after doing all these and what felt great was that you’re in a congregation of people who are also doing the same.Yet rest assured the Lord hears our cries for cleansing and pleas for restoration.

Secondly, it serves as a way for you to reconcile with your family members/loved ones whom you have hurt or have hurt you. It paves the ground for asking forgiveness to them and accepting your faults especially during the foot washing. Oh, how I love this part! Before Communion starts, you pair up with someone [husbands go with their wives, your friend can pair up with you as long as you belong to the same gender] and wash his/her feet with water just as Jesus did thousands of years ago to his disciples. I like the essence of this action: humility and servant-hood. You humble yourself before that person and take the form of a servant, willing to wash his feet in a way that our Savior did. It exemplifies the true character of Christ when it comes to others.

Last but not the least, this event allows me to give a thorough evaluation of myself. Or in the words of Pastor Rodrigo this morning, “give an inventory of myself.” It is the perfect time to have a personal reflection of who you are, what things you’ve done in life so far and what you need to do in order to become a better person. What happened for me was I got a realization that it was another high time for me to fully change and that I need to prioritize heaven as it is my primary goal in lifer.

So now, dear reader, all I wanna express is that this Sabbath morning, I was forever changed and I desire to keep it that way. My God in His abundant love and profound goodness for me has ransomed me from all my sins and granted me a new life to live. I will always be so grateful to Him and with exceeding joy in my heart, peace of mind and with a renewed soul, I ask you, “Come and join us in the next Lord’s supper!” 


Scripture Song 1

I’ve spent a huge deal of time making parodies for myself and for my Medical Technology batchmates. It was really a fun way of expressing myself and it was actually my way during those times to give myself a break. It occurred to me, however, that if I can make funny, helpful spoofs,,why can’t I do something to help people remember the Lord? So I started to make Scripture songs. I would take a verse, sit before my keyboard and incorporate a beautiful tune to the text. It’s going to be a faith-enriching experience every time I’ll make a Scripture song and I’m looking forward that people can memorize Scripture through this! 😀


For this first one I made, it’s from the New Testament:

1 John :4-5- Every child of God can defeat the world and his faith is what gives us this victory. No one can defeat the world without having faith in Jesus as the Son of God.

May this verse help you in your walk with God and may you also learn to make your own Scripture songs so that you can remember a verse effectively!


Living in a tropical country like the Philippines has its pros and cons. Well, for me the latter somehow outweighs the former ’cause I’m like Edward Cullen who’s sore afraid of the sun. But it’s more of the summer sun which is inevitably scorching hot and vividly lustrous that frightens me the most. I don’t wanna end up with stage 4 skin cancer or be black as charcoal. Anyway, all I want to emphasize in this post is that the weather’s so different today than it was before. With the evident global warming that is happening, we’re up face with a serious environmental problem that making the world a future burnt toast.

I believe that I’m not the only one suffering from this phenomenon. I heard my dad commented last night that he felt that there was a heat wave. And for sure, cities like Cebu and Manila are experiencing more heat than us here in Bacolod. I actually posted in Facebook this status, signifying how the heat especially during summer can really make one crazy:

“Pluvious days, where art thou? The insidious sun, wanton in its course, is making me restive. I need Anne Curtis and all singers like her, with their recalcitrant voices, to descant. So that rain shall come nigh and comfort us with nonpareil coolness. 

#LOL #EffectsoftheHeat

Though my post is funny and all, we’re all facing a dilemma that needs a serious and effective solution. We may not be part of DENR or any NGO associated with caring  directly for Mother Earth, we can do something to help alleviate ourselves from the dreadful heat. May it be just walking to school instead of using a vehicle or just enjoying the comforting zephyr instead of using the air conditioner.Actually, I have a realization: Isn’t it ironic that the thing we use to cool ourselves is the one causing the atmosphere to become thinner by the minute? Not unless that air conditioner is CFC-free.Well, I leave it to you, dear reader. What can you do to prevent global warming in its destructive course? Because your answer my friend can do a lot in preserving our lives and the lives of future generations.