Me and the Internship: My First Music Video Experience

Music is such a big part of my life and I really thank God right now that He gave me many skills pertaining to this art. I truly consider it a gift to be able to entertain people, inspire, uplift and motivate them through this media. You see, it is the language that everyone in this world can understand. It is a powerful force, moving people to do things whoever they are or wherever they come from. undoubtedly, it can be used for bad or good.

I wanted to use music for good. So I started making parodies when I was a 3rd year college student. I know music helps some people to remember stuff. It occurred to me that people can easily memorize songs/tunes so I decided to write parodies on the topics/subjects we were taking in Medical Technology.Being in a hard course, you need to be smart enough to study effectively and recall spontaneously. I’m glad that I was able to help some people in their exams and also the viewers who were not my batchmates,enjoyed the music. Their comments strengthened me to keep making music which is both fun and informative.

From This is Bacter, my first parody to Me and the Internship, my first music video, the journey continues as Mr. Parody!


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