Thoughts of an Intern


This post you’re reading was supposed to be posted before November 11, 2013, the most anticipated date for me and my batch mates, Medical Technology interns ready to face the challenges of an actual workplace. But due to some unwanted circumstances, I was not able to express my thoughts and feeling about internship. My first week which I survived (thank God!) went on and good enough, I have the luxury of time and technology right now since today’s my off. Plus, I passed my first shifting exam  (thank God again!) so it’s a good reason to post this now. 

Well, let me start by saying that I can’t still believe the fact that I’m already a 4th year intern. It seemed like it was only yesterday when I was still in my habitue, the library; fervently burning my eyebrows to end up with satisfactory grades. Or I was wearing my PE uniform every Tuesday. Or I was having lunch with my lil’ sis under that tall tree beside the LC building. Indeed, time flies so fast as the drip-drop of water from a leaking faucet.

Initially, I never expected to reach internship because I thought it was too far; that Jesus’ coming would happen before it arrives. But I was wrong. To think of being an intern in a very prestigious hospital in the city, it’s scary. With the strict implementation of rules and regulations, I was really concerned of how well I’d perform. It’s just natural for a person who’s always late in rising up or addicted to FB to feel this way. And it really hit me that it was time for a change of lifestyle. Less FB (as much as possible) and waking up at 4 am so I won’t end up with hundreds of extensions. I could not do these makeovers on my own so asking for God’s help really paved the way for me to be confident and worry-free.

And so far, I’m the only intern who still doesn’t have extensions and I want to keep it that way. There should be no room for recklessness or carelessness for me. Seeing how my parents sacrifice of their time and energy to help me in this whole process, I’m returning the favor by doing my best never to give them extra reasons to have more wrinkles on their foreheads. I just thank God right now that He’s guiding me and I can feel Him leading the way. I know His plans for me with regards my internship are really for the best of things so I’ll keep the faith burning.

This one-of-a-kind experience is a great opportunity for me to improve my skills in the laboratory, to apply my knowledge to use and to meet different kinds of people. It’s a total improvement for all aspects of my life as daily, I’m meeting new challenges and tests. And with the new friends I made and stuff I’ve learned and will learn, it’s going to be a fun journey. This internship- I’ll make the most of it; for God’s glory, for the good of others and myself. This intern is not gonna be the same after the 5 memorable and tiring months. This is it!



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