GLASSHEART: An Album Review

Leona Lewis, being one of the most stunning singers in this generation, is one of my favorite female singers. For me, she is indeed the perfect epitome of an artist naturally blessed by God with an angelic voice and at the same time, knows how to use it with poise and grace like a ballerina. No wonder why she won the third series of the UK X-Factor in 2006. Too bad, however, she’s not that well-known compared to other mainstream artists who use auto tune and are not even comparable to her talent.

I first came to like Leona more with her second album, Echo which was released in November 2. I also got to know some of her songs from her debut album, Spirit such as Better in Time which is my favorite. As for her recent album (her third), Glassheart, I could say nothing more but praises for it is generally dynamic, emotional and engaging. It turns out to be my favorite album of hers in the present time. Unlike the former ones, I have to say that this one is better because there is variety- there are unexpectedly upbeat songs which is quite unusual from Leona yet she sticks to her style in some songs which never fail to capture the listener’s ear. With this balance, the average fan would be surprised yet the newness can be something they would love; the onlookers would have to become fans since the ear candy is irresistible. But in addition, Leona Lewis sounds brokenhearted throughout the course of the album rendering songs which appeal to a lot of people around the world experiencing the same emotions and feelings. With her “Glassheart”, she is shown as someone vulnerable: a character which anyone, whatever gender or age, can relate to. So dear reader, that you may be convinced even more to listen to Glassheart, here’s a specific review of the said album’s 12 songs:

  1. Trouble– The album starts with a dramatic entrance. In this song, Leona’s voice starts hush and as the song plays on, it transforms into its ever powerful prowess. The background music with the drums somehow contributes to the intensity of the song reflected in the song’s message and Leona’s effortless voice.
  2. Un Love Me– The second song is typically a ‘Leona Lewis’ song. But there’s something about it that is so catchy. I don’t know if it’s the melody or the lyrics especially where Leona pleads her lover, “I’m begging you to ‘unlove’ me” that really captivates me the most. This pop ballad deserves the HEART LOGO (meaning this is something to look forward to in this album).
  3. Lovebird– It’s just right that Leona released this song as her second record. With its simple yet memorable tune plus the catchy lyrics such as “Song so pretty, Dum Dum Diddy”, Leona sings out loud just like a beautiful nightingale . The music video for this masterpiece is as striking as the song itself. Indeed this song is meant to have a HEART LOGO!
  4. Come Alive– This song is something fresh from Leona. It reminds me of a Rihanna type of techno pop song made for the club/disco yet unique in its own right. But unlike Riri, her take on the song is emphatic and her voice is remarkably powerful. Another thing that  distinguishes her style from the Barbadian singer is the essence of the song being not provocative.
  5. Fireflies– This song is the cutest one in the album. With its cuddly piano backdrop, it almost sounds like a lullaby. Yet it builds up and turns into an empowering ballad with lyrics that you won’t forget.You could imagine a swarm of fireflies increasing from a few ones to thousands with this powerhouse track! A HEART LOGO for this song, please!!
  6. I to You– Leona’s glassheart seems to show differently beginning in this song. I can’t help but compare this to Adele’s ballads. With its somehow eerie sound, it emphasizes the dark lyrics: “What am I to you?…. Don’t kill me now…”
  7. Shake You Up– Old pop beat style and with excellent harmony, Leona shows more of her brokenness through this song. But there is a twist expressed in this song which leads to angst and bitterness. Indeed, bittersweet!
  8. Stop the Clocks– Leona expresses her desire to stop time and stay with her lover in this song of exquisite melody which can linger in your head. (A LSS is not bad for this song. Hehe…) This ballad comes with a HEART LOGO!
  9. Favorite Scar– Ironic would be the best adjective to describe this ballad. It has a cute style which is very addictive especially the “lalala…”. But it is about a very complicated relationship: indeed a pretty messed up one! This song can be a sure favorite of people who can relate to such a situation. A HEART LOGO for a favorite!
  10. When It Hurts– This song ‘Echoes’ the style of most of her songs in her sophomore album. Deeply pained, this song shows the deepest expression of Leoan’s glassheart. A ballad which is worth remembering has a HEART LOGO.
  11. Glassheart– Finally! The highlight of the album would be no other than the title track. With its bombastic nature, both in lyrics and in tune, this song surely exemplifies the theme of the album and putting it as the second-to-the-last song is not a bad move. This upbeat song must be released and it should put Leona back to the dance charts. The acoustic version is spectacular too.
  12. Fingerprint– Leona’s decent voice suits the beauty of this inspiring ballad. With very meaningful lyrics, she delivers the message right across impeccably. I just like that part with the octaves. Instead of a HEART LOGO, the title of this song would serve as the logo.

So there you go, guys! I hope you enjoyed reading my first ever album review. I encourage you to find Glassheart and have a great listening experience. I assure you, whatever your emotional status, you can relate to most songs since I firmly believe everyone has a ‘glassheart.’  And thank God, Leona speaks up for us through this album which I rate 5 STARS! I enjoyed the album and consider it a great musical treat.  I was uplifted and inspired by it. On this note, I end up with the lyrics of Fingerprint, “There could only be one…” Yes, there could only be one Leona Lewis!!


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