Being a songwriter, it’s a big challenge to write songs. Not all the time can you come up with the the lyrics or the tune quickly. There are times when you are not inspired at all to compose. But there are one of those times when the opposite happens and you come up with a beauty.

Here’s Jacket. To listen to it, lease do click the underlined word Jacket at the topmost part of this page. This is a song about genuine love to someone who means a lot to your life- it could be a family member, a friend and mostly your wife/girlfriend, etc. It speaks of you being his/her jacket during the storms of life… Thank God for helping me write a song with a beautiful melody and a message mostly anyone can relate to.

Here are the lyrics if you end up liking the song:

Every time it rains

I can always see you cold

And whenever the weather’s changed

You still try to hold on

To yourself though you are weak

And it seems that you have leaks

In the roof of your life

When the weather’s cool

And you don’t know what to do

You feel like a fool

You’re so confused too

But don’t worry

You won’t be sorry

‘Cause I’ll be there for you.


I’ll be your jacket when it rains

I’ll be there for you in times of pain

Don’t worry ’bout anything else

Let’s do this for ourselves

I’ll be there to keep you warm

Be your shelter in the storm

Baby just don’t forget

That I’ll be your jacket

Of ta storm is coming

Just hold on to me babe

‘Cause we know where we’re going

We can stand the rain

Don’t let go, just hold on

‘Cause I know we can stay long

We’ll stay strong


No matter the weather

We just have to carry on

‘Cause even though it’s hard

You and I will never part


I’ll be your jacket

I’ll be your jacket


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