Oh! What pain is this, what pain is this?

That fills the heart of a masochist

Great despair and loneliness

Irrevocable reign of brokenness

Rendezvous of turmoil and grief

With honest deceit and playful mischief

Loose hold of me, this I say “Please!”

For all these feelings I want to release.


Ouch! It hurts so much, it hurts so much

My happy spirit has been crushed

It cuts like a knife and sting like a bee

It feels as if I’ve fallen on my knees

I am bound to melodious melancholy

Like an anchor rooted deep in the bed of sea

So save me from this place so hushed

Where flood of tears are very lush.


No! Don’t let me fall, don’t let me fall

Drowning am I with a heavy soul\

Suspend me on the skies os high

For I may stumble into the depths that lie

Just give me wings so I can fly

Into the clouds of true freedom above

And that will be the reason why

I’ll soar like a beautiful dove

From this place of darkness full I’d exclaim, “Alas, goodbye!”


Ah! here I am, here I am

Shining in glorious triumph

Free at last, wrenched no more

I’m ready again to walk by life’s bounty shores

My spirits rejoice, my mind at peace and my heart overjoyed

Because after a long journey I finally reach the door

Beyond lies endless emancipation in store

And supreme love stripped to its core

Welcomes me, a masochist, a masochist no more.



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