NINETEENdihan: A Pre 20th Birthday Entry


WHEW! Let me just for a brief second take a deep breath and absorb the fact that today was the last day of being a teenager. Yes! And strictly speaking, based on my belief that a day ends and a new day starts by each sunset, it was already my birthday a few hours ago. As of the moment, I am ready to share with you, dear reader, what I have so far learned as a nineteen year old and what I can expect of myself as I leave the portals of teenage life and enter TWENTEEN life….

By the way, NINETEENdihan, for those who can’t understand, is a combination of the word nineteen and part of the word naiitindihan which means to understand, signifying that a nineteen year old understands it all. But for me, a nineteen year old does not understand or know it all. At such a tender age, there is still MORE to understand or know for such a person at that age.

So the list starts with:

1. NINETEENdihan ko that life is and will always be full of surprises. Recently, I’ve learned of news, very disturbing yet utterly shocking about people who were once a part of my life. I will not completely tell the whole story but what I learned about them made me really sad/disappointed. It’s just downright fascinating how one person whom you thought to be this angel is capable of doing a thing which you believe he or she can never do. More than such heartbreaking news, the untimely deaths of Cory Monteith and our former church pastor shook our lives by surprise just like the earthquake which hit Bohol last Tuesday, December 15. Indeed, we cannot tell whatever, whoever or whenever will be our bolts from the blue.

2.  NINETEENdihan ko that my FAMILY will always be there. It’s so amazing to think that God has blessed us with such wonderful people. No matter what happens, your family will still be there to care for you and love you. The family life may nott be all flowers and sunshine but through it all, family is family and love will always reign in each member’s heart. It may be possible that  you have been very hurt by your sister or you’ve hurt your mother to the extent of getting her heart broken, making it hard to forgive or be forgiven. Yet in time, the spirit of reconciliation sets in and forgiveness takes the victory since love would always be in our hearts for family.

3.   NINETEENdihan ko  that I’ve still got true friends and it was really today that this fact was made manifest. I realize now that I am so blessed with the presence of friends who, despite the distance, still have a special place in my life. I know that if they stayed with me at school, things would have been better but I think God has a plan so I need not worry at all. It was at this age where I, at some points, really felt alone but thank GOD, for the people who eased out the loneliness in me.  One girl, unexpectedly became a best friend and she was the reason why I was not alone last semester. The first semester of my senior year though was tough since she went for a different section. However, spending precious time with these precious people makes me appreciate the fact that I’ve got true friends for keeps! Just like Jesus!

4. NINETEENdihan ko that my choices are very essential in forming my character and future. I confess that I made pretty bad choices recently and if given the chance to turn back time, I would. However, since I am here now in the present, I pretty much should not stick myself to the past. Learning from my mistakes and very wrong decisions, I look forward to becoming better and I know it is based in the choices we make everyday. In order to change, I must start first with myself.

So far, these are what I can remember. It’s getting late and I should be sleeping now. I don’ want to look like a zombie on my special day.  

In general, NINETEENdihan ko that LIFE is what we make it. Let’s make the most out of it since we have no idea of when our last birthday would  be or if ever we’ll wake up the next day. Life is a gift. Life is a blessing. Life is LIFE and I’m greatly thankful for it!





















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