Is it just me or is music nowadays really different from what it was before? I mean like, are the songs today meaningful and relevant like they were in the past? Where did all the good music go? Where are the talented artists blessed with God-given skills to touch another’s heart through melody and harmony?

If I may answer such questions, I’d definitely say yes and I think you’ll do too. It’s not hard to agree ’cause it’s very plain to see what music is or how it sounds in this generation. Music today is saturated with beats; like most of the food we eat being saturated with all the bad stuff: fats, sugars, you name it! It is also senseless with the lyrics being repeated like an alarm clock always being snoozed. With all the “Oh oh ohs” or the “Eh eh ehs” taking the most part of the song, creativity is questionable. And the worst part is, its messages have tremendously transitioned from good things to the bad ones. If before our parents and some of us have heard songs about love, friendship and other positive stuff; now, we are bombarded with songs talking about sex/lust, drinking and partying nonstop, drugs, etc. To add more to the decadence,

many artists are blaspheming God through their music. They may claim it is art but such expression is dramatically uncalled for. It is a reality one cannot deny since almost everyone is exposed to music: from their TVs, radios, I-pods, mobile phones.

Being a musician myself, I know that music breaks barriers. It is a medium which connects people. It is somehow a powerful entity which could be utilized for good or bad. That’s why it is vital for every person to choose what music they listen to.

Being a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian, I have learned that music is a gift from God. It is God, Himself, that created music and there’s no doubt that He is a musical Being. Just as there are 3 notes in the basic musical chord (The middle C, E and G), there are 3 Gods in one: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. This perfect harmony exemplifies the essence of what we are going to be with the music we listen to since it is proven that music really affects us.
Although I know that everyone has their own musical tastes and music is complex with different genres, I fully believe that God would want me to listen to music that is divine, beautiful and pleasing to the ears. I’m NOT saying that everyone SHOULD listen to Christian music only (But I think people should learn to listen to it and love it since it draws us closer with the Great Musician) but consider what type/genre of music is appropriate, will bring me good and will most importantly make me value the good things in life and especially God. You see, Satan, the Great Deceiver, is behind all these music changes. Please don’t forget, dear reader, that when he was still Lucifer, he was the director of the heavenly choirs. This means that he has the knowledge and skills to improvise ways to make music that is CONTRARY to the pure and real essence of music: to give glory to God and “to uplift the thoughts to a high and noble them, to inspire and elevate the soul.” (Education, p. 167)

Well, considering the statement above, many genres would have to be rejected. Consider a person listening to heavy rock music. Would he be someone who will end up rebellious and violent? With the nature of the music he or she is exposed to, most probably yes. And there are numerous researches on music showing that rock music has negative effect on the behavior of people including children. How about a woman who wants to stay a virgin ’til marriage? She does everything she can to avoid premarital sex. But careless is she with the music she listens to. She loves the song of Rihanna, ‘S&M’. The message of this provocative song has penetrated her subconscious and perhaps might be her pitfall in situations exposing her to doing the thing which she, in the first place, abstains to do. Or perhaps the song itself would influence her and she changes her mind on the choice of staying a virgin. Music is undoubtedly very influential, you know. A similar illustration would be the music in the clubs and party houses. With all the drumbeats and sensual messages, your senses are lulled and if coupled with alcohol, you’re on your way to danger. Music affects not only our thoughts but also our emotions leading us to actions which we might regret later.

So you see now, how very important it is not to be lax with the issue on music. You may feel like, “Oh come on! Music should make everyone happy! Fast songs do that!” Or you may reason out, “Christian or classical music is boring. I want the songs of today! It’s not cool to play those junk Chopin or whatever hymns.” Uh-oh! Looks like someone very familiar to me is directing you if you go down such course. I, myself, have been his victim and I was deceived into believing that as long as the lyrics are good, the song, despite the beats and all, are okay. I was wrong. (I’ll share more about this on my next post.) Well, going back to the questions above, we cannot deny the fact that music is pretty different now than before. And with regards as to where did all the good music go? I gotta say they’re around us. Nature is full of music. The chirping of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, go out and hear other sounds for yourself. And as for the human singers, the good ones are there as well making beautiful music. Too bad, the highlights ain’t on them but rather on the mainstream artists, some of which use autotune. Search at Youtube and there are lots of artists who give better renditions of a song than the original ones. Most of the real talents, I have to say, are left undiscovered or unrecognized. Yet they are a musical blessing to the people around them.

Indeed, music is phenomenal! I cannot imagine life without it. But with the plight of music nowadays and with all lot of people listening to the bad type of music, I think silence would be better. How I want people to appreciate Bach, Beethoven or Mozart and consider their musical geniuses. How I hope and pray that people would turn to genuine Christian music which is badly needed in the corrupt society we’re living in. How I wish in time, people would finally see that there’s more to music galore.

As for now, I shall put on my earphones and play Beethoven’s Overture to Egmont, a fave listen or just listen to a classic masterpiece such as Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. ‘Til my next post on music!!


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