The tasking responsibility of being a leader in your group for your research/thesis. The stress of looking for participants specifically actors for your ‘Cosmic Christmas’ skit this coming Sabbath. The feeling that you’re gonna give a solo number in church this evening for Midweek Service. A two-hour seminar on the ups and downs of dengue (Really? Like seriously? Dengue has its ups?) The fact that your closest friends are not with you anymore so you just, go with anyone else and most of the time, go with yourself. These, so far, are the inevitable realities I cannot escape today or this week. And thinking much of these things might actually cause my cortisol levels to shoot up. I don’t want that at all.

WHEW! Life is indeed, unsurprisingly, very busy or hectic for me. Especially now that I’m in my last year in college, things have been fast-paced. Or maybe it’s just the irrevocable fact that time really flies fast. Faster today than yesterday. And faster by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow than the days before. Well, that’s just the way it is.

But living a balanced life totally depends on ourselves. Too bad, I’m not so good at this; hence, STRESS is my best friend most of the time. However, there’s always that inherent desire within me to keep myself healthy. To be active and also give time for myself. To make use of my time wisely and never waste any second of it. To live meaningfully in such a way that the person I am now is better than the one in the past. There’s truly more to life than all the things that make it mundane. So from this moment on, by God’s grace, I want my life to be more meaningful and special that despite the stress and all, I can still manage to say: “Thank God, I did it! I survived. I lived on.”

So here’s to being a great leader, never giving up to practice all the virtues of a researcher needed to have our experiment to succeed. Here’s to staying positive and maintaining the faith in God’s provision of my needed people for the skit. Here’s to singing that song humbly and wonderfully for my Creator King who endowed me with the talent of singing. Here’s to listening well to the guest speaker that I may understand the concepts of dengue very well that such I can still retain in med school. Here’s to MORE in life.


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