Just yesterday, I’ve learned of one of the most terrible news ever in my life: my former classmate/batch mate, Kimberly Guardias, together with 2 of her companions died after being drowned by a flash flood while crossing a river. I could not take what happened at that specific moment. Fear engulfing them as the huge waves were close to devour them in ceaseless furor. The guilt and trauma their other friends must have felt seeing they could not do anything at all but just watch the horrible scene come to take place. Hope and prayer being expressed in a blink of an eye. Cries and shouts so loud as if they would overshadow the splashing sound of the river’s waters. Oh, I could only imagine but I could never have the exact feelings they had ’cause, of course, I wasn’t there.

But having learned of this predicament, my heart is crushed and broken, like it was driven over by a Ceres bus or hit by a rapid bullet. So this is how it feels when you lose a friend. I can’t believe it but Kim is dead. She’s gone. She’s no more. I don’t know how to accept this painful reality.

You see, Kim was this petite teenager who had a strong personality. She was the official “school bell ringer” during high school and mind you, despite her physical stature, she could make the bell sound loudly. She was hard-working; there’s no doubt about this fact ’cause she had a lot of responsibilities at that time. And even in college, she was a working student. More than being industrious, she had a say when it comes to stuff. Her voice, a little bit in the cute zone, can turn into an irritable tone when you piss her off. Yet she’ll always be remembered for her sweet smile and ‘kwek-kweks’, her short locks and her being teased with Cyril.

We became close during our senior year when we were partners in making our term paper. Our topic was on teenage pregnancy and I remember working with her was not difficult. I was the one who did the writing; she, the typing but when it came to doing research work, both of us were efficient. I don’t know how I’d ever retrieve the exact copy of that term paper since I left it with her. She really wanted to have it back then, I can slightly remember.

After high school, we were distant friends whose only connections were FB and texting. She would call at times (most times out of the blue) and we’d talk for a little while. Oh what a thoughtful and loving soul she was! Too bad, I was not able to contact her recently due to my inevitable busyness. How I wish I had one last talk with her. How I wish we have met and saw each other again before she died. But I know all these wishes are in vain ’cause she’s already asleep, waiting for Jesus’ soon return. So in hope, I long to see her in heaven. I can’t wait to see her in the resurrection morning!

(sighs) From Kim’s death, I have learned a valuable lesson. More striking than being flabbergasted, more “brain-awakening” than having those goose bumps upon reading the ugly truth, more lucid than the pain of losing a friend, I have learned that life is FRAGILE. Like a balloon, easily pricked by a needle. Like a China doll, broken by a careless girl. Like a tiny ant, unknowingly stepped on by a walking guy. Indeed, we are not going to live forever. So l know with all these realizations, I need to live life to the fullest. I need to live every day as if it is going to be my last. I need to show my family and friends how much I love them, how much they mean to me. I need to be at peace with everyone including myself and most especially God.

I hope and pray that Kim was able to do all these. How about you?


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